PaoPao Fired?

I heard that PaoPao was fired. Is this for real?



On the front page of the spec web site

yep now its official

its official, i heard it on the fan590.

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Fire all the coaches - Lancaster included - since 2002 with Ron on the paycheck - the Cats have amassed a wonderful 24-58 record (29%) - Why is it there are only 2 spotters upstairs when Sask had 4 in theirs - CFL is all coaching and we don't have the right people in there. It's not rocket science - same scheme every game , no adjustments at the half, lack of discipline = major coaching changes - Get Charlie Taffe right now beore Sask. gets him when they fire Barrett at the end of the season

Just reported on the Fan 590. Coach K too.


Smart move by Lancaster & Co.

It will be interesting if things work better now!

probably not for a couple of games or so , takes time to put in a new system.... but well worth the wait!


It makes me wonder who made this decision. Just who is calling the shots? This team needs a GM who has the authority to run the team.
ps: last game, seeing Lancaster laughing on the sidelines was sickening. Time for Uncle Ronnie to least Marshall cared.

What a resume Joe could put together for his next job :wink:

Toronto proved it doesn't take that long.

Pretty drastic moves firing a couple of experienced coaches in mid-season...but something had to be done.
I think Rob Katz has showed his inexperience as a GM through all this from the early firing of Greg Marshall to now, that's if Bob is true to his word and he doesn't make any football decisions.
People keep asking for Charlie Taffe, I thought he was the OC at Pittsburg University and that job probably pays more then a HC in the CFL.
Don't know if he has an out in his contract or not, but IMO the best guy that's available to take over as Football Operation Manager would be Bob O'Billovich with Rob Katz moving up to President.

Toronto had Adam Rita to step in. Now we have no OC. Pretty hard to get a new system without a new OC. Maybe Mass will call his own plays.

If the offence felt stifled under PaoPao, there don't even have to be any major changes, it'll be a breath of fresh air and that'll do wonders for the team.

Just like in Toronto, it doesn't mean there has to be any changes to the playbook, just when certain calls are going to be called.

Always sad to see people fired, but this could be the spark needed for the Ticats to salvage a season. Look for another fantastic Labour Day clash!

if you guys read the article, it said that lancaster will assume o.c. duties and call plays, and marchese and craig smith will coach the o-line.