Paopao Fired Pool

Ok, here are the rules. You get to pick the hour the first credible news source breaks Paopao's firing. This of course means McMahon does not count. Pick your time and then submit the link if you believe you have a shot.

My idea, so I'm going first: Monday 1-2 pm.


This may be the first time I have ever seen the entire web site in agreement about anything!

monday morning 11:30

Sunday, 6:15pm

I would say Monday, 12 Noon, But it;s probably already a DONE DEAL!!

He should have resigned at Half time!

Tuesday at 1:00pm.

OFFSEASON.. get used to what your seeing.. there will be no changes.. this year has been written off for players, coaches and management. Each and everyone of them has given up it's quite obvious with the display of heart they have shown us lately.

I understand everyones frustration, I am as frustrated as the rest of you, but I think this is an absolutely dreadful thread. Picking the time of someones demise. That is horrendous and everyone that participates in it should be ashamed of themselves.

Some might be hoping that it'll be announced in this hour on the fifth quarter, in much the same way Craig Yeast's release was announced.

But unfortunately, I predict it'll be within 24 hours of the end of last game of the season that this will be announced. Yes, it may be that long, I think. But I do think he should go. Kent Austin was fired for not knowing what to do with Ricky Williams, Paopao should go for not knowing how to utilize Corey Holmes. Two receptions for -6 yards? How did that happen?

so now its ok for him to get fired? how bout a couple of days ago when he was getting ripped on this site, and people were complaining that we shouldnt ask for him to be fired, because : "he such a nice guy", "he's a class act", "he's so kind", blah blah blah, and now y'all want him fired, hamilton is full of some fickel people and some hardcore hypocrites, i was calling for his firing long ago, yet now y'all finally believe the big guy should go.

btw- get rid of kani kaui hawaii or whatever his name is.

Not the best night to start that hero stuff!

Monday morning 9:30am-10:30am.

Well, there are many armchair quarterbacks here, and here we are seeing armchair management types. We are also predicting when management will do something that in our opinions needs to be done. It may be nasty, but it is a part of the game. It's just taking the usual discussions who should be cut/fired a step further.

The day after the Grey Cup.
Top management is in denial. They still think everything is OK and things will work out.

Monday Noon-1

12am Sunday

12am Sunday

2-9 with the compliment of players we have is an embarassment to the organization and the fans such as myself that have shelled out for two different sets of Traditions tickets in Year 1 and then the second in Year 2. I ended up being back early enough to go to the game but couldn't be bothered. After the first quarter I realized it was such a good decision to stay home. I didn't even watch the second 1/2.

I have relatives coming from England that I was planning on taking to the Sept 16 game vs Edmonton and at this point I might just skip it since I don't want them to experience the CFL for the first time watching the WussyCats. Especially against Edmonton where 53 will kill us and contain the side.

I agree with other posters that the football side needs to be fixed badly. Paint, smoke and mirrors won't cover it anymore. Since Carl Coulter retired our O-line has gotten progressively worse and worse, the D-line has virtually no rush left in it. Did I mention Montford should be here for a little heart and soul. ALL of the coaches at this point need to be fired, retired or just plain quit. It is evident to all that they, the players, are not playing for them or us anymore. Reed and Erdman should have been gone last year but the brass gave them the benefit of the doubt and its time to bring Sudsy back to instill some smashmouth D that the wussycats used to be known for. Watch the NFL Cuts and replace the entire O-line but keep a couple of the present ones such as Smith on the reserve.

This is about as hard to stomach as chickens with salmonella.

First firing will be official Monday by 10Am with rumours starting Sunday night