Paopao and Marshall

I believe a change is needed in coaching. I think Bob should drop Marshall as head coach and let him be assistant coach and let Paopao take over as head coach. We need some change. We have the tools, we just need someone that has CFL coaching in their blood to guide them better.

I think that's pretty funny.

Immediately demoting a head coach to an assistant coach status has never happened to my knowledge in professional football (CFL and NFL). There is a reason for that, I would think. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

How about we demote Joe to q.b coach, reed to db coach and Marshall to p.a guy?

The only coach that needs to really improve is the special teams coach:

Average placekicking
Average punting
Stupid penalties
Minimal returns

I sugest we hire an experienced GM and let hime replace the coach. What experience does Katz have in football?
I do believe Eric Tilman is still available.

Good idea, he assembled quite the team in Ottawa.

You right Katz has done a much better job with this team or may be we should promote Marshall to GM?

Im gonna call you Mr negative Leo cause you never and i mean NEVER have anything positive to say .

Matt Dunigan is available.....

Great I love nick names , I think I will call you Stevie Wonder because you must not be able to see the games judging by your comments!
Just kidding Habman I love your spirit and I wish I could be as optimistic you. Any Ti Cat fan is friend of mine :rockin:

Why turn this team over to Pao Pao ??? It's his play selection that has the Cats at 0 - 4. This team needs a big shake up. Bench Peterson and bring in Cavil even if you have to adjust the non import situation. By the way , any news on Antonio Davis ?? Our running game is non - existent

rockstar why dont you tell us which import you would sit out .

Go to the Calgary forum and ask them how they feel about him.

Stripes for Head Coach!!

Any player called for roughing the passer gets run over with the little scooter! :o

Don't forget "allowed block punt" and "had too many guys out there" and "had the worst fake punt ever.

But really, what does the special teams coach even do? You don't really have to draw up that many schemes like other coordinators do. You just need to make sure that players understand their roles in blocking and coverage, and then let the personnel do their job. I'm sure Coach Erdman knows his fundamentals..

3 quality seasons for coach Marshall

marshall's record to date
2004 9-8-1 455 for 542 against -87 and they give him the coach of the year?

2005 5-13 383 for 583 against -200
2006 0-4 74 for 109 against - 35

but honestly his side lines screaming is the best

The Special Team also took 2 points off the board for them by having too many men on the field.

Pao pao is not the answer. Look at this so called new offence. People in the stands know what is coming. If they know then the other team has to know. Lets try changing up the plays a little more and see what happens.

To Quote Marshall Press Conference when the Cats return home Friday to face Calgary.

"If the fans give us a hostile reception as I've said before, they're welcome to it because we have to play better.I say that we have to play better. (What I mean is) we need to get a win."

Finally He Said Somthing I Agree with...