Pao Pao

Nice to see Pao Pao on Hamilton's sidelines. If he can make a loser out of someone else's team, go for it. :lol:

Remember the duo of Hufnagel and Pao Pao...

Hufnagel and Paopao never played together with the Riders. Hufnagel and Barnes played together (you may remember the infamous duo of J.J. Barnegel). Paopao was the QB for the Riders a few years later (85 and 86 if I remember correctly).

You're right, my bad. It was Huffnagel and Barnes :oops: under Faragelli (papa Jo).
Pao Pao came the year after Hunagel got traded to the "Peg.


Joe played quarterback in 86 & 87 at the same time as Homer Jordan.