Pao Pao New Offensive Coordinator in Riderville ?

Joe PaoPao was fired by the TiCats today, will he be one of Tillmans new men with the Riders ?

Please tell me you didn't just type that.....NO to PaoPao.....NO.

They were together in Ottawa ? I am just putting it out there.

why did you type that? dont no have any football knowledge????????????????? :roll:

Please, not paopao. His record speaks for itself! the best of the Renegade bunch (condell) is with us!

Why would we ever want him? He ran the Renegades into the ground when they started 5-3. . . who screws that up and finishes 7-11? Not a good coach, thats for sure.

And the last few weeks with Hamilton? Absolutely pathetic.

It might be a long time before he gets another CFL job, and if Tillman gives it ot him here, I think we need his head.

no way Joe comes here ......... wouldnt be an improvement at all. tillman would be signing his own walking papers with that one

Guys, I was just throwing that out there as there is a lot of shaking going on in the league. I for one would not be in favour of that at all. But Tillman and Paopao were together in Ottawa last year. It was only a forum starter, to get thoughts from you guys.

this guy is as accurate as McMahon wow they should be bros

Why not send Paopao to Edmonton to replace Machocia! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ....Then the streak would really end! :wink:

Paopao has not really seen his worth go up in any way!