Pants on fire?

The only thing that would’ve made a win better last night? Those gold knickers we’ve been hearing so much about! Oh, and, no turnovers!

I’m hoping that wearing the black pants with the white tops was just a pre-season thing…UGLY!

My understanding is that the team will have gold (yellow if you will) pants for home and away this year.

Considering the difficulties 49er head coach Mike Nolan had in the NFL to get Reebok to supply him with a suit to wear on the sidelines last year for two contests to both honour his ailing father (Dick Nolan, former SF coach) and to comply with the league's requirement for Reebok exclusivity in sideline apparel, the delay isn't unexpected for me.

If the pants order has been delivered, the club is probably keen at debuting the pants either on Friday or when the season begins. It makes sense to me.

The gold pants that the team wore at the Back and Gold Scrimmage were ones designed before the Reebok league-wide redesigns of team uniforms. I expect the pants that the team will wear this year are going to be similar in striping to the current offerings.

Oski Wee Wee,

i've seen the new yellow pants, they are hot.i think
they should change the home colour scheme to yellow/black and road unis to black?white.does reebok design or does the team have creative control

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I would assume the team would have creative control re what the main colours schemes would be (specific shades of gold for example as well) -- following general league conventions re uniform rules.

How logos would be used on the jersey would also be something the team would have purview over.

The rest would basically be a case of Reebok coming up with designs and the team going yay or nay to them.

It's the teams call, I would venture to guess. If they wanted to go out in wooden barrels, they could, but the barrels would be supplied by Reebok. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

if they had pants with fire on them......


yeh it was very ugly, i hate when they mix the two

or actually been on fire..
more "awsomer"!! :lol: