Panthers Release LeFors

The Carolina Panthers website reports that they have released quarterback Stefan LeFors. If he is not signed to their practice squad or signed by another NFL team, LeFors would be a good player to add to the Ticats' negotiation list.

I don't know which team has LeFors on their Neg list, but he is the prototype QB for the CFL. Senaca Wallace with Seattle is another QB who could star in the CFL if he was available, but he seems to be content being their third string.

LeFors could become the next Garcia in the CFL...

Marcus Vick anyone? another person to look at would be Roy Manning, an LB recently released from Green Bay. great speed and cover skills, tackling machine

Marcus Vick appears to be following in the footsteps of Maurice Clarret. Not a good thing.

hes got issues but he is a good player

Mike McMahan (no relation I hope to our friend) was also released.
He is super mobile and has started in the NFL.

Prototypical CFL QB.

The Panthers did not name Stefan LeFors to their practice squad. Maybe a multi-year deal with a CFL team would look as good to LeFors as a practice squad spot with another NFL team would about now. Whichever CFL team has him on their negotiation list (hopefully the Ticats) should make him an offer pronto.

i really wish the fans could know who the teams have on there lists. is there a reason they dont tell us?

Supposedly, the GM's like to keep the players (and the fans)who are on their lists in the dark because if a player knows who owns his rights he can request that team to make him an contract offer...and if they don't within ten days, the player becomes a free agent.
So if a team doesn't need that player at that time but wants to keep him available for the next year it better that he doesn't know who owns his rights as he could be become a free agent and go to another team.
This way teams can stock pile players, such as QB's they don't need at the moment, and keep them out of the hands of rivals.
It's all as clear as mud.
But the teams with the best scouts get to horde the best players...and IMO that would be B.C. and Montreal.