It is far too early to panic. This team has too much talent to keep losing and it will only be a matter of time before we get on track. Having said that if Marshall doesn’t get us a win in Calgary, I say fire the bum! :lol:

No loyalty to Martin... What about last year??

you're right, he was gawdawful last year too

Did you register just to go around posting this in different threads?

People like you don't know anything about football... You just sit here online and talk shit about players get a life!!!!! Ticat fans suck you don't even deserve to call yourself a fan.. Who is it going to be next week??? Try having some faith if you want to call yourself a fan you don't know the first thing about what you are talking about if you knew you wouldn't have been talking shittt..I feel sorry for you..

what? ya someone's pissed that we cut martin. and by the way if you were a fan you wouldnt go around cutting up other fans or the team :thup: