Panic? or Fear...

So i wake up this morning, thinking to myself "Why am I upset? Everybody told us this was coming, we were told to be patient. We were told that this would take some time. We were told that we didn't know exactly what kind of team we were until we had some real game film"

I come on this site to posts of boycotts, protests and the typical bashing of players and i tell myself "Wow this all seems so familiar"

The question is.... Why are we all responding this way? Are we panicking? OR ARE WE JUST AFRAID WE'RE GOING TO START 0-4 AGAIN?

I dont know, but i do know that some of these posts seem a little pre-mature, however i think the only thing we wanted to see was our team compete... and we saw that for roughly one half of football.

So.... Panic? Or Fear... OR BOTH?

Both, to be blunt.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think for me, it's disbelief. Jason Maas is finished, the D-Line is horrible and for some reason people on this forum think that we would have done better if Hitch and Morreale were back on the field. I hope things get better but, I don't think they will.

During the second half of the game last night and on the two and half hour drive home I felt like I had a knife in my heart.

I woke up about 20 minutes ago and that feeling is gone. However it's been replaced with a feeling of being kicked in the nads.

If the whole team had put in a good solid effort for the entire game and lost by a FG or even a TD, I would not have been happy, but I would not have been feeling totally crushed.

Its neither panic or fear....its the realization that MAAS is no better a QB this year then last year. Its a waste of a Saturday nite staying in to watch the game when I could have gone out. Its the excitment of the slight hope our football team the very least compete..and not get embarassed.

That being said..there is a lot to take from this game. Not all is bad. Timmy looks very promising, Jesse looks like he can lead the league in Total yards from scrimmage, the WR's caught the balls thrown, high praises to the O_line for picking up the blitz all night and creating holes for HOLMES and LUMSDEN, Zeke and Jojuan were impressive. Dwight Anderson looks like a keeper.
But again, MAAS is good, but not the same as 2 years ago, he shouldnt be starting, the D-Line was pathetic, no pressure all night, CAVER and HODGES were useless, and again, Wayne SHAW is no where to be found all night. KARIKARI is way better at safety. Im hoping for some changes next week.

I think we had some injuries on the DLine last night. McKay and JP were both hurt IIRC.

Howard Hodges, Not only did he get injured, he also had a couple of Stamp drive extending penalties. I also saw him getting him chewed a new one on the sidelines during the first half.

Mostly fear that we could face another terrible season I think, but I think I can maintain my wait and see attitude for three more games.

I think the defence actually looked better than last year. They were tackling and hitting and did not take those enormous stupid penalties that we took every game last year.
The offence actually has a couple of weapons this year but we still did not get the ball down field often enough.
Special teams were much better.

To sum things up...

My goal for the early games,
even up to the sixth game,
was to score 17 to 24 points
and squeak out a couple wins.

We failed badly at scoring points today.

My goal for the last 12 games
is to score more than 25 points
win almost all of our home games
and get a couple road wins.

Am I panicked? No.

My goal for us for the season is
to get into the Eastern play offs.

That likely requires finishing
ahead of one team in the East.

Hopefully we can accomplish
the needed 9 wins to do that.


One thing I hoped for in the early games was that we would
put together several series of back to back first downs
and that we would make a couple long sustained drives for TDs.

Saturday we didn't accomplished sustained TD drives but
we didn't constantly go two downs and then out either.

I also hoped that our punting team would be good enough
not to leave us in bad field position

and that our Defence wouldn't breakdown and give up big plays.

For the most part we accomplished those things on Saturday.

i think the dline played really bad, they were not getting pressure at all, and when burris did get away he gained 20 yards almost everytime, we need this to be adressed.

Just a sharp jolt of reality.

Maybe we're just afraid to say we're hungry. :frowning:

I'm with Donna on this one. Over the years I've seen many different scenarios at the start of a season. There's lots of time yet, and the makings of a good team are there.
Strongest points from last night....Lunsden, Holmes, Setta, Moreno, Chang.

I've tried to sort out my impressions today, and I come to these conclusions. Right or wrong, I am convinced.....

...that all those short passes were called by the coaches, just as Taaffe promised.

...that they were called because the coaches KNEW that was all that Maas could handle.

...that Taaffe was giving Maas a chance to be successful, even with that handicap.

...that Chang will definitely start the next game.

...and that I have every confidence that Chang will rise to the occasion.

There have been too many posts to the effect that the kid needs time to get used to the Canadian game.
Over the years many, many QB's have come north to play our game. Some catch on quickly, some slowly, and some not at all.
But, what they do is a function of the player himself, nothing else. I think Chang will learn quickly, mainly because he has already shown absolutely no hesitation at getting involved, and taking charge.

Memories of Bernie Custis, Chuck Ealey, and MANY others. This kid has it.

if you are feeling totally crushed because a football team lost a stinkin game, maybe you should be in a dark room with a paper bag wrapped around
a 40 or something, the sun will come up tomorrow and these coaches and players will right the ship..just for you. c'mon we're talking about one game,the very first game. do you think that montreal will be terrible all year? NO. will t.o. be terrible all year? NO. look at the team the cats played last night, they're favoured to win the cup. relax.however you will need to get some heat on bishop at some point if you want to win.good luck
does anyone know where joe montford is right now?

            CITY LEGEND
do you think that montreal will be terrible all year? NO. will t.o. be terrible all year? NO.
First, I DO believe Montreal will be bad ALL year ... it was why I thought the Cats had a fighters chance at the Playoffs ... Calvillo is in a state of RAPID DECLINE, and Popp would BEST SERVE his team by finding a NEW Head Coach.

Second, Toronto is NOT EVEN CLOSE to being a bad team. They are a QB substitution away from making a run to the Grey Cup.

Third, just for thread relevance, NEITHER Panic, or Fear. As you stated yourself, this is to be EXPECTED with the kind of top to bottom TURNOVER this Organization has experienced ... by MOST accounts, the Cats, too, are just a QB substitution away from RESPECTABILITY.


dont do either...the ticats will turn it around...

its just the 1st game

Neither panicnor fear.
Just the anger that follows when what I already knew was proven yet again. Jason Maas is not the best option and the coaching staff got it wrong again. I said it before the season started and I'll not apologize for that