Panel woes in my opinion

Like Monday night football did with having Dennis Miller, I think the CFL should have a comedian on the panel that has some knowledge of football.

I think having someone from SNL like Kenan Thompson, Leslie Jones, or Beck Bennett would make for some entertaining comments.

I think they already have too many clowns as it is . :grin:

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I honestly think the same red and black drab painted walls/desk for the studio design has a lot to do with it. Switch to powder blue and yellow might have a better psychology effect with the audience.

And they are not even good clowns either and some of us hate clowns anyway!

If we are going to go to costume analysis, tor Halloween they should dress as super-villains and then they should have a bunch of folks dressed as super-heroes take them out and that will be the end of the panel mercifully for us.

For sake of colour scheme this is a good idea, but on the other hand nothing about it says Canada or CFL. This is not an NFL studio in Los Angeles and should not be anything like it either.

You would have lightly red/black colors around the league's logo that is glued to the wall. The rest if powder blue and yellow (or some other color combination that is appealing to the eyes and puts people in a good mood).

The goal is to make money thru entertainment.

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I would switch it to them all sitting on a couch with Kate or whoever on a lazy boy chair like they are sitting in someone's basement .

Do all the interviews from there .

Kinda like SNL's Wayne's World . :grinning:

Minus Kate, from what I am hearing but it's not all on her apparently, and this just might work for a set for a few of the weekends but not all for me.

I'm Good with that .

Heather Locklear ( let heather be thy name ) would be a good replacement and most likely available but she may have trouble crossing the border now .

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Ha ha ha that's going back a bit now in 2021 but I agree with this new direction!

Man, was she big on the scene for a long time.

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I would add

  1. This is not high school, so quit the giddy-happy girl act or the new "mean-girls" shade and
  2. It's your job to accentuate the panel as you coordinate it. It's not your job to be the lead entertainment, and you suck at trying to be funny too there, Kate.

Now I don't work at TSN and never will, but if she's going to throw shade, that's how it's done and maybe she deserves it given what I am reading and hearing.

Kate as in Kate McKinnon? Kate McKinnon doesn't do anything for me although I admit she's a cutie. Are you sure you want her in a "Dennis Miller" role?

Glenn Suitor just came in my mind. Never mind.... :mask:

Only if she played that SNL role of being abducted by aliens . :grinning:

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Glen Suitor definitely would be doing the "were not worthy" and bowing down when they interview any celebs .

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Perhaps I am in agreement with you in that if Suitor tries to pull that act in the studio, Matt Dunigan should drill a pass into his face so as to help redirect the conversation in a proper direction.


He could zip a donut or bun at him he still has some game .

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Here’s a radical new idea - - instead of worrying about studio decor and the need for cringeworthy comedy acts how about advocating for some actual football discussion by the panel?

Breaking down plays to show what went wrong, what went right and what needs to be corrected.


For me it IS unwatchable. Chris Schultz used to have reasoned thoughts about the game. Now there is nothing I want to hear. I skip the pregame and the 1/2 time. I have no interest in the betting thing.


To improve the panel my suggestion is Kate should show more cleavage.Then i will pay attention