Panel woes in my opinion

I think the TSN panel has gone overboard in some of their thinking.
IMO 4 guys is one too many, maybe 2.

I think the host Kate B is too loud and is not listening to panelists but rather is following her own script.

The guys are football guys but seemingly told that we want them to be funny. I don't and they aren't. Not even witty.

They are trying too hard to interject stilted chatter about gambling. I would rather see a real handicapper come on , make a pick and give a rationale.

For me it's almost unwatchable. Far too scripted and wooden for me.


…I agree and think they’re trying too hard to model after big networks south of the border covering the NFL…you see the same thing down there…panels of 4 or 5, one taking head and the rest are ex-player/coaches…buddy buddy humour…and all wraps up with ‘who’s your pick gonna be?’…all seasoned with jabs at someone’s fashion choice d’jour…ha….ha….


I personally know Davis Sanchez a bit who's a neat guy. Here he is lost it seems.
Sad he is a Canadian and actually made it in NFL as a starting CB in San Diego.. Unheard of. Then he held out after 2 yrs! They cut him pronto. I asked why he did that. " Bad advice from bad agent" he said with a smile.


I look forward to seeing the TSN CFL panel every season but this one needs some tweaking. I would start by adding more comedy to the mix.

I like Kate but she treads on eggshells every time the panel meets. She tries awfully hard to moderate the discussion without bruising egos. In bygone times having only one woman in a discussion group that discussed something super manly would've been a comedy writer's dream situation. Nowadays it's a nightmare. Live TV takes away the 'all forgiving' edit. So the guys have to be extra careful when they comment or address her. As a result a lot of the spontaneity is gone this season.

Maybe if TSN taped some of the panel discussion BEFORE and during the game, with the understanding that anything said in the heat of the moment that was... 'socially unacceptable' (I hate that term)... would be 'edited out' and no career ending mention of it would come back to haunt any of them later. That's going to take some real work. :grimacing:

Possibly. Using that strategically would be good. Coming to commercials, give them a timed window to speak. Or have short recorded interviews with coaches, key players or whatever.

Don't leave poor Kate out there trying to manage all that. It took until last season before Smith realized that he just needed to go on and do his stuff regardless of that the panel was doing.

...and cut all the inside joke and comments on clothes and stuff. If you are talking football, talk football. If you want to comment on Milt's suit, get your own show and do it there.

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I've found the various TSN panels quite entertaining over the years and I have no complaints.

And I'm all in favour of politically incorrect comments. Check out what I do on my nightly Hit Radio WOWW show in that regard:

Hit Radio WOWW

It most assuredly isn't sanctioned by the FCC!


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This is not necessarily the panel but the telecast in general. They are slow going to the plays and often HAVE to show it in replay. This is ususally because they are interviewing a guest in the booth or something is happening with the sideline commentator. The need to realize that they are televising a football game and not doing a talk show. As well, Rod Black has got to be replaced.


Friday night, you just know an interview is coming up in the second quarter. I blame TSN producers, not the commentators. I do blame the commentators for talking over the official’s calls, and the director for cutting away from the game to show the goomers in the booth.

Again, overall, you have to blame TSN for doing this.

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I liked Sanchez in the beging of his stint, but him & Baker just seem to stumble on every 2nd word it gets hard to listen to.

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Yeah remember a few years ago? Pretty damn good, do we just miss Randorf? Sorry Kate still like ya

TSN should get Tim McCalief to host the panel. Poach a Rogers/Sportsnet talent that loves the CFL

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Tim and sid guy right? I only see him on tv at the bar with the sound off

George stroumboulopoulos lmao. Thanks auto fill for help on the spelling

Tim is cool. It's Sid that was over the top. I saw Sid interview Pinball for the CFL kick off opener trying to drum up support for the Argos home opener. The interview lasted over 5 minutes as Sid was giving Pinball the bum's rush to finish the interview quickly

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Did they LA Authorities clear up the case of the guy that died in George's apartment several years back

Is THAT why I haven't seen George?!! Used to love his talk show and then.....nothing


Actually, he did a radio show for a local Hamilton station. I don't know if he does it any more. George doesn't have to work anymore since he got a huge buyout from Rogers when it downsized it's hockey program a few years ago.

I think George's friend oded in his apartment, Death by misadventure

Did anyone else catch the shade CFL Karen threw at Coach Barker and the looks on him and the rest of the panel? Sad... bunch. I predict she isn't going to work out.

What happened?