Panel discussions

New coach on the tsn panel is really bad. Kate, Matt and Milt are great, as always, but the 'coach' Jim is awful. Not so easy to be a commentator. Please, he is really aggravating and simply repeats what Matt says!

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I dont mind Barker, but he does lack good presence. Rather have him than Milt tho.

IMO Jim is the best one. Kate is a fine host, but Dunigan, Stegal and Sanchez are hard to take seriously sometimes

I Miss Schultzy, damn even randorf. I loved the way milt and Dunigan used to pretend to be doing something weird and acting like they didn't know they were on camera lol


Love Kate, she's doing a fine job

Barker is doing a good job. He has a great football mind and I appreciate his insight.

I actually think not having all in studio makes the dynamic tough. I would wait until everyone can be back in studio before making a judgement on chemistry among panelists.


Yah, you can hear Milt and Matt talking over each other so much just because of the screen lag.

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I actually thought that was my Internet or cable connection. Good news not just me who saw that.

I tune out when Barker is talking. Either that or I nod off.

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Yeah, I think Glen suitor is one of the best they’ve ever had, he sure tells it like it is,

But, he tells it ad nauseum. Take a breather, Glen, let the other guy finish his sentences for gosh sakes!