Pandemic Mega Thread

I can understand that having a big Covid/Politics thread in the CFL Main Board wasn't the greatest idea, we don't have a "Social Room" type of area, so maybe a Covid/Politics thread, makes more sense here.

Some great discussion and points in the old thread, so hopefully we can continue the discussion here, with a bit more sources to back up certain claims.

Either way, have at 'er...

Numbers down to around the 1,000 mark in Ontario, it'll probably increase once the "full" numbers are revealed after the devastation May 24 weekend caused. /s

Looks like we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel .

We can but hope. . .

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going by BC, I still fear that it will be a case of too much too soon. If I am wrong, then maybe we might actually have football in the fall.

There is a light out there. Really would be good if the rest of the provinces have detailed reopening plans including their vaccination and hospitalization targets for each phase.

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"Stage 3 would begin two weeks after 70 per cent of eligible Albertans have had at least one dose of vaccine. That stage will not be tied to hospitalization numbers.

At this stage, most public health restrictions β€” including the ban on indoor social gatherings β€” will be history and we'll be able to enjoy a truly great Albertan summer," Kenney said. "Almost all health restrictions will be gone."

I'm not sure why, but somethings telling me not to hold breath on things opening up 100%.

And what about the 3rd Wave ?
What happens when the 3rd wave hits in September ?

didn't we already have the 3rd wave?

…yes 6 7 8 9 10

Dude catch the wave :surfing_man:

There's been talk of the fourth wave coming for months now, you'd think we all live in California or Australia with all this big wave talk.


I dont think the second wave ever really ended yet

I agree. I always found it odd how the media and Politicians continually call this the third wave, yet when you look at the numbers, we never got out of the second one.

It's not like the Flu Season is broken up into two part midway through. Odd to say the least. Or it could just be fear mongering.

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I think fear mongering is spot on.

When word of the variants of concern we're coming out late last year, I recall Eileen devilla among other health official referred to it as new pandemic altogether.

Way to deflate people's hope


Some posters complained that the military shouldn't have been called out to help in Ontario. Now they are being deployed to Manitoba

what is the point in having a military if we cant use them locally when we need to?

Of course, and it's great training for the CFMS

New data suggesting young people having heart issues due to the vaccine. Politicians now want to coerce young people into getting the shot.

Also more discussions on the virus escaping a lab in Wuhan.

All of which have been called "conspiracy theories" in the past but now are getting a closer look.

Israel is ending their failed "green pass" vaccine passport June 1 after public backlash.

California will now fully reopen. Does this have anything to do with the recall on Gavin Newsom?

what data? where?

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