Panda Game

Anybody know if there is a live stream of this game?


Have you tried

Thanks for that, but there doesn't seem to any games being streamed currently.

Oh well, it's only one of the most popular games of the year in the entire country. I guess I'll just have to settle for the Ottawa (Kansas) University game.

Ah yes, once again U Sport doing its best NOT to promote its product by making it available to its fans.

How long until another “rebrand” because as we all know, that will fix EVERYTHING. ::slight_smile:

Have they tried a new logo yet? We have a good one :wink:

When I tuned in, the game was at halftime.
Streaming was fine.
I switched to the Toronto/Windsor game and watched that with no problem either.

I was unable to locate any streams. Apparently I wasn't looking in the right place. It certainly wasn't obvious at

Multiple web searches also produced no results. Though I was able to find last year's game.

I was also watching the game just fine, although it was admittedly hard to find on OUA’s website. It was nice to hear Mark Lee and Justin Dunk with the call.

I said this in another thread, it was nice to watch a game again where there were no challenge flags thrown and no reviews.

I'm curious why the website was hard to find.

I typed in "" and found it immediately.
I clicked on "live events" and was shown a menu of the games which had already started.
I clicked on the game I wished to watch and, after watching some introductory commercials, was shown the game.

It seemed easy and logical to me.
I was very happy that there was such an easy method to watch games which previously I thought were unavailable.
Kudos to the OUA!

I found the site okay. The game, however, was nowhere to be found when I went there. Perhaps it has something to do with my location, I don't know, but there were only four streams available and none of them were football games.