PanAm stadium to be domed!!

I think they might mean that they will put a temporary bubble over the field for the winter months so they can maximize the facility to extend it to indoor soccer leagues. Like what they do with BMO Field in the winter.

So, it's not really a dome I don't think.

But I could be wrong.

  • paul

Maybe I'm wrong with what I said in my other post. Maybe this will be a 15,000 seater for the Pan-Am Games which would be an emabarrasement IMHO. Here's hoping I'm wrong on this though. But this article did use the term 'later'! Although, thinking again, the opening and closing ceremonies are at the Rogers Centre, correct?

folks -- just do a bit more reading. 15,000 is all that will be ponied up for the 'Pan Am' portion -- the 'expansion' to house CFL will be footed by the city/ private partners.

The dome would be just like at BMO Field. So the field can be used in the winter.

This is getting wierd.

What’s with this tourism committe member, David
Adames gradually leaking shocking bits of news.

He stressed the roof would fit into a stadium design that can be enlarged from 15,000 to 30,000 seats.
That's a big difference in numbers of seats.

How can that be accomplished?

I would presume it couldn’t be done
with a below grade bowl style of stadium.

Adames said the city would explore other engineering breakthroughs to maximize use of a $100-million stadium.

I hope the councillors won’t have to vote on
a cheapo, meccano set B of M type of field.

Since the Ticats have already declared
themselves onboard with the location

I wish Bob Young was privy to the discussions
about the quality and design of the stadium

so that the councillors would be voting on the
finalized and best possible stadium and design.