Pan Am Games

I was watching the Al's at Blue Bomber Game tonight on TSN and at the half took a 5 minute look at the opening ceremonies of the Pan Am Games on CBC at the Rogers Centre it looked a little under sold, similar to watching an Argo game last year, probably around 20,000 in the crowd if that, all in the lower bowl nothing in the upper bowl area.

They should have at least placed ad banners in the upper bowl as it looked pretty empty especially with the broadcast going to the World.

I guess similar to many of the game events that safe undersold, I hear at last count still a lot of tickets available for many sports events and yet apparently some sold out, who knows?

Looking forward to watching the Cats back it next week in Montreal!


Weird, a friend just posted pics from the 500s , and its packed...looks sold out from the pics and he's in the end zone seats

Looked like a full house to me too. Are you sure you weren't at BMO field? :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

Sounds like Bigcat trying to stir the pot ....once again. :roll:

The opening ceremonies was sold out MONTHS ago, there are tickets available for other events, but the Sky Dome was packed last night.

I wonder if David Menzies was in attendance for the opening ceremonies last night? :wink:

Let's Put a Stop to the Pan Scam Games

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CBC news says there were over 50,000 in attendance. CTV says over 45,000.

That's a lot different from what Bigcat suggests. I prefer their estimates over his.

Should this not be moved to the Off Topic forum ? It has dickey-doo to do with football or the Ti-Cats or the stadium or really anything for that matter. Just saying is all.......

Looked pretty bare in the upper levels, there may have been 50,000 sold I would't question that, but how many in actual attendance in the seats?

Corporate buys the majority of tickets in Toronto for large events anyway and many are given away or don't attend because they have something better to do many people I know in Toronto who were at the cottage instead especially on a friday night before the weekend with good weather.

Only in the GTA is there any interest for the games and many who live there are trying to escape the city anyway and the HOV lanes on the highways for the next month which are a traffic nightmare.

According to the Toronto media the games were only 1/3 sold two weeks ago for most events, so you folks in the GTA better get your butts in the stands and sell it out and stop your whining about the BigCat.

The soccer in Hamilton I'm sure is sold out or should be for every game and why not it's a great atmosphere for sports at THF or CIBC Pan Am Stadium. Many other events have been sold out but many are also down in numbers, so get out there and support it especially to all those who live within the GTA and are only a half hour from every event, Yes I forgot about the HOV lanes okay three hours away but at least your still in your same area code?

Yes, that's right BigCat is trying to stir the pot that's what I'm here for to keep all you fan in line yah right okay, wait till you get the final bill to the tax payers than we'll talk. Yes $3 billion spent on the games and $1 billion returned in economic spending sounds pretty fair Liberal spending to me?

If you think I'm making it up well just listen to the media, the same ones who reported that 50,000 were in attendance for the opening ceremonies ha-ha?

The 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games are the most expensive Pan Am Games on record in previous years host countries like Brazil spent $1.2 Billion, Mexico $986 Million so far and counting Toronto is $2.5 Billion?

How about the New York Times and what they think of those games you love so much?

[url=] ... am_apathy/[/url] [url=] ... e25373599/[/url] [url=] ... l-estimate[/url] [url=] ... serve-fund[/url] [url=] ... nto_gta_n/[/url] [url=] ... e21712033/[/url]

Yes, and for Bobo your sitting in a tax payer funded THF every game to watch the Tiger-Cats play, it sounds pretty close to any connection to sports or specifically Ti-Cat talk to me, if the team plays there and leases the facilities that were funded by all tax payers?

Maybe if the Pan Am Games committee spent the money right the CFL would be even stronger with Toronto Argo's having their own 30,000 seat stadium close to all transportation instead of having to make due at BMO Feild, Yes red seats are real Argo colors?


Bobo - there is no 'Off Topic' forum on the Ti-Cats Forum. There is on the forum - but people coming here through the Ti-Cats website would not have a clue what you are talking about with an 'Off-Topic' forum.

I don't have a problem with a few 'off topic threads here and there to get Ti-Cats fans perspective on the odd non-football related topic. And since we have these Pan Am games to thank for our stadium - I especially don't mind discussing some things Pan Am here.

And BigCat is clueless if he says the Upper Deck was empty. The only empty Upper Deck seats were the ones behind the stage (the 500 level outfield seats at a Blue Jays game) that were not available for sale. Including the 7,000 athletes seated on the field there were over 45,000 actually there last night - me and seven other members of my family among them. Here is a picture I took last night. And FYI - it sold out even though it wasn't cheap. All Upper Deck seats where I was sitting - were $155 a pop - and the seats down below were in the $250 - $325 range. Great show by Cirque du Soleil too and good to see Pinball included in the ceremony.

And 800,000+ tickets of the 1.2 million available have been sold. A good chunk of the unsold tickets are actually for the preliminary round soccer games here in Hamilton. Although those are starting to move especially for games Canada is in. It looks like tomorrow night's Brazil - Canada game is now a sellout.

Here the picture of the crowd I took last night. Those seats look pretty full to me.

Also a great moment when Canada marched in. The place went nuts - and as you can clearly see - the place was packed!

I would like to know what time you seen the upper deck empty i was there about 9pm and it was packed with people

BTW HOV lanes were a nightmare for 1st 3 days untill the "All About Me Attitude" drivers got on board my wife drives to Mississauga/Brampton every day and is still getting home the same time by a few mins.

Last but not least Because the "Media" said it it has to be true? NOT!!!!!

PS I dont think you are trying to stir the pot , just posting things that you believe to be true.

Travel Pat I'm glad you pointed that out to me with your photo and I'm sorry my mistake in thinking the CBC was showing empty seats last night in the upper deck at Rogers and my estimate was wrong saying around 20,000 in attendance last night when actually the Ti-Cat fans on this blog and media point out that it was in fact 50,000 my apologies to all fans of the CFL and pan Am Supporters.

I just hope that Kathleen Wynne will be this nice to all of us when the final bill kid due on the Pan Am Games or where the money went to to pay for gas plants never built?

The money that Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne lost of tax payers money of Ontario would cover a brand new stadium for football in every city in Canada in the CFL and some left over?

Just once I would like to hear a politician apologize, honestly and actually be more acceptable with tax payers money!!

Uh T-Pat , I think we all know what I meant by Off Topic forum. I know you do , because ironies of ironies guess who started this thread the Off Topic forum ? :slight_smile:




If you take a close look about 5 sections over near the top row, with regular and magnifying glasses, you will see an empty seat.

I think BIGCAT has a point!!! :wink:

Wait till the final bill comes in on the games and your hospital wait gets longer than what it is now, than make a comment!!

Of course you know I know about it - but I bet you there are some that post or just read posts here on the Ti-Cats forum that do not know though.

I know from other threads on this Ti-Cats chat board that a lot of people get here through the link on the Ti-Cats website. I'm curious to know for those who get here through the forums link on the Ti-Cats website - do you very often check the boards and were you aware there is an 'Off Topic' board there?

For the first few months I posted here on Ti-Cats chat I never went on the boards - and then even once there it was awhile before I even noticed there was an Off-Topic thread at the bottom of that board.

I suspect there are a decent number of people reading this board that may not know about an Off Topic thread on the website.

I'm not high on the PanAm games either. I work at Pearson. I get the chaos first hand.

Didn't understand your point in commenting about the crowds, especially since you were so wrong about the size of them.

I sat in emergency recently for over 13 hours. So, I don't need your preaching about hospital waits.

This thread isn't even relevant to the forum.

Perhaps, you can take your bitterness somewhere else.

Thank you TravelPat I always respected your comments on the Tiger-Cat web site, many have taken what I would call cheap shots at the BigCat but you have to be tough skin about it, no one has ever said comments like this to my face and they never would for various reasons.

This was one of the best media stories available on the Pan Am Games I'll share this one with you fans who agree and who don't because that's what true democracy is all about.

Check out the story link below and the chart of comparison of previous Pan Am Games in the story.

[url=] ... gry-locals[/url]