Pan Am Games tickets

Since it is because of the Pan Am games that we have a new stadium I figured some people might be interested in seeing some of the events and sports in those games next year. Ticket requests open next week.

Just as an aside - the pricing for the soccer games at THF look very reasonable over the two weeks games will be played here. Preliminary round games priced at just $20.00 per ticket - with half price deals for kids under 16. The medal round is priced at $35.00 and at just $17.50 for kids under 16. Decent pricing I would say for those interested.

All the details can be found here.


I'm going it's going to be great! The last international event we had of this scale was the world cycling championship sanctioned road race it was a world class event ! It's too bad us season ticket holders don't have first crack say a one day window to purchase seats!?

I actually might pay to go see a soccer game! That is something I can say I never thought would even be imaginable in my life or even want to admit to it. :o But it’s looking like this stadium is shaping up to be a beauty and without that, no soccer for me I’m sure.