Pan Am Games-New Stadium?

watching chch live at 5:30, i heard the golden horseshoe is placing a bid for the pan am games. if we win it, queens park is willing to spend 2 billion dollars for facilities/ publicity. that is more than enough to get us a new stadium. thoughts?

Fix IWS If cost less and We could use rest to fix the streets

The 2 billion us for facilities not roads. Yes build a new stadium down town. Add hotels and start bring people in.

One render of the proposed stadium

[url=] ... dium11.jpg[/url]
8) Here we go again !!!!! Keep on dreaming folks !!!!! :roll:

the 2 billion dollars would not be the cities money, it would be the provinces. we aren't dreaming if theres 2 billion dollars to spend on facilities how are we dreaming? this would also include some kind of stadium, in Mississauga and St. Catherines, but hopefully we get the better one.

isn't that basically commonwealth? i don't think we need one that big, maybe 42, 000.

The Pan Am Games are a low level games -
very little interest these days.
The US doesn't even send its top athletes.

No way a stadium would be built for the Pan AM games, its likely they would use BMO field in Toronto for soccer and other events and the Mac field for athletics.

Personally the only way that I would even want a new stadium is if tehy built a replica of Ivor Wynne. It has the best sightlines and is great for football. I would not want a track separating the fans like it does in Edmonton. I have forged many friendships as a season ticket holder and they could be lost as well if the seating configuration changed. Although Ivor Wynne is crumbling, I would still like to see it remain. Seats can be added and the stadium upgraded.

This is a golden opportunity to get a stadium which is usable for all fans and all events.

Two Billion Dollars is a lot of money and for a small fraction of that, Hamilton, being one of the bigger and needier cities in Ontario, would stand a good chance of getting the financial allotment required to not only join the 21st century in terms of high functioning stadia, but to get a severely needed shot in the arm for our decrepit city, as a whole.

A facility like this could later, have seats that continue down over the track to get those interested, closer to the field of play. It could be used for many events and cost the city, virtually nothing. Queen’s Park has offered to pay the freight on this one, and thus far, I’ve heard nothing about monies from elsewhere.

If this is indeed, the case, Hamilton needs to pull out all the stops to make it happen here!

does noone else find it abit embarrasing that IWS ( and hamiltons PRO football team ) is located in, possibly, the slummiest lookin part of hamilton?

just build a new stadium in a new location.

Getting the Pan Am Games guarantees Hamilton nothing. The bid looks like it will include the area stretching from Oshawa/Ajax/Pickering all the way around Lake Ont. to St. Catherines/Niagara Falls and maybe as far off the Lake as Cambridge/Waterloo. That’s a lot of municipalities that will be after those government dollars. If the organizers win the bid (and it’s a huge ‘if’), they’ll be looking to maximize the use of existing facilities of which there are quite a few in S. Ontario. Unfortunately, I think a replacement for IWS would be far down on the list.

If IWS is ever going to be replaced, I think it will have to be private and public money directed specifically at a new stadium and not tied to anything else like the Pan Am or Commonwealth Games, or… because I don’t think those kinds of events can be relied upon to provide a new stadium.

An Argo-Cat fan

I don’t think it’s such a long shot that a successful bid would land Hamilton a new stadium. Hamilton is a shoe-in for the 2030 Commonwealth games, as it would be the 100th anniversary of the games, the first of which was held in Hamilton.

The province and feds would be on the hook for a stadium for those games as well. Might not be a bad idea to kill two birds with one stone.

Games playing.

T.O. deserves Olympics, but we
keep shooting ourselves in foot

Bill Lankof

Sunday Mar. 23rd 2008

Toronto Sun

click here

Here is an excerpt from the article.

Quotes from Paul Henderson who ran
Toronto's Olympics Bid in 1996.

"This should be the federal government
and province," Henderson says.

"If we can keep the bureaucracy under control,
you should be able to do this bid for $5 million."

But the bureaucracy has already
run afoul of Henderson,

who told the province this week
he won't front any bid committee

after McGuinty turned a potential bid over
to the ministry of health promotions for study.

"I'm backing away and letting
the bureaucrats take it over.

I'm totally supportive and I'll be
a cheerleader," Henderson says,

"but dealing with bureaucrats
I find very difficult.

I had to show them I'm not
enamoured with their direction."

It's difficult to blame him.

Henderson is leery of involving himself in anything
that smacks of what might be called "The Halifax Syndrome."

That city's bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games
was withdrawn in a quagmire of bureaucracy

that saw the city's budget to host the Games soar
to $1.7 billion, almost $1 billion more than expected.

"What happened in Halifax is they
hired a bunch of foreigners

who escalated the cost way out of control.
(Queen's Park) needs to trust local people
and not run off and hire consultants
from around the world

who feed at the public trough," Henderson says.

He's concerned that what happened in Halifax
could happen in Ontario.

"They're running off to Winnipeg and Vancouver.

That's got nothing to do with it.

We're just bidding.
It isn't that difficult.

Could we get a Halifax deal? Yep.

I look at what consultants
they hire and think, oh no."

I completely disagree. I'll keep it simple. There sill be need for a new, fairly large stadium. You will not be building that stadium anywhere in St. Catherines, Waterloo, Oshawa, etc. The only place would be Hamilton.

actually i've seen this proposal before, and this is for a renovated ivor wynne at the same site. one wonders if the neighbours to the north would object to the second deck.

there is another plan and it calls for an open-air amphitheatre-style stadium, with multiuse facility at its southern entrance, at pier eight on the waterfront.

I don't want to step on your toes ticatguy but i thought the original proposal was to build a new stadium down by the waterfront but i can not remember the specifics but i was for the pan am games but i would prefer if the rebuilt an actual replica of ivorwynne stadium

But doesn't one of the grandstands sit immediately next to a city street? Can't remember which side, but its the one that has the Canadian Flag section. To put another deck on top of the existing one, the concourse underneath would have to be made significantly wider. Is there enough room to do this on that side without affecting the street?

BTW, any more info on that other proposal; it sounds interesting

Several months ago, city council had discussions about the possibility of a new stadium for Hamilton, providing Oueen's Park and the Feds could supplement most of the cost.

There was a close vote, if I remember correctly, but most of the councilors favoured brown field lands around the airport property.

How do Areas in Hamilton get better if People leave.