Pan-Am Games "Bush" and "Second-Rate"?!

I agree with this:

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... and feel Toronto should be totally excluded from any bid for the Pan-Am Games!

It oughta' be a Hamilton/Niagara/Peel bid exclusively; with an eye towards landing an Olympic bid for Toronto in the future!

That is, build some stadia and athletic infrastructure in the Golden Horseshoe that will serve as Pan-Am venues and can be rolled into a GTA bid for the Olympics! A well-planned, forward-thinking plan could utilize the same venues twice!

Landing a Pan-Am games for the areas around Toronto would be a coup; but if it's got Toronto attached to it, as the article says, it would be a downer!

Personally, yes, I agree exclude Toronto if they want to be excluded. If they don't, then bring them on board for some things they want - as long as it isn't the stadium of course! The question is, not what a reporter says but what the power people there want.

If Toronto's "image" is the only consideration, then maybe this guy has a point. And since he spent the first half of his column talking about his own bad boy reputation, obviously image is pretty critical to him.

The guy's missing the point - who cares about the stature of the games relative to other games? The events last two weeks. For the cities involved, it's all about securing internal, but mostly external, investment in legacy infrastructure. Stadia and pools and hotel rooms and paved roads. Toronto, like every other city, needs those things, and if they can leverage a games bid to get them, why not.

Also, the Pan Am Games don't want to be marginalized, even if the North American media is kept so busy chasing Britney Spears that they don't have time to cover track and swimming. So the Pan Am Games committee would be motivated to put their games in a city with a high international standing, like Toronto, over a place no one has heard of, like the Golden Horseshoe. So having Toronto in the bid might be the key to actually getting the games, which is good for cities like Hamilton that get some of the infrastructure.

The columnist never said or meant the games as "bush" or "second rate" .

He said second-tier which carries quite a diff.meaning than the above.

Second-tier or whatever. What Toronto needs to know is if it shuns the Pan-Am Games vocally because it is 2nd-tier and not worthy for the "great" international city of Toronto to be part of, how does the Olympic Games people view this? Would they welcome a city openly saying they are too good for a 2nd-tier event like the Pan-Am Games who they see as a sort of competition? Or would the Olympic people say forget Toronto, maybe they think just a tad too highly of themselves for us to consider putting the Olympic Games there? I don't know the answer to these questions.

[quote="Earl"]...Would they welcome a city openly saying they are too good for a 2nd-tier event like the Pan-Am Games who they see as a sort of competition? Or would the Olympic people say forget Toronto? quote]

Actually, Earl, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) runs the Pan-Ams, unless I'm realy ill-informed! And, I'm not talking about Toronto snubbing the Pan-Ams!

I'm shouting about the Golden Horseshoe embracing them and calling them the "Ontario Pan-Ams"!

Always good to see a connection back to the Forbidden Website. The article mentions a fight with Perry Lefko...well Perry wrote a nice piece about us last summer....summed up here "The world is really small indeed, connected by time, people, places ... and an Argos Suck button."

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One thing I know about these events are that they are bonanza for future last trip to Europe there were literally thousands of people fighting for space on FlyGlobespan after witnessing the world road cycling championships. If they had boats they would have rowed across the ocean to see Hamilton and its lovely sites.

Interesting ub about the IOC as you say.

One other thing, I don't think anyone should underestimate the potential huge impact the Bills games and then if Toronto gets an NFL team, might have. This could be huge. Toronto will be on national US TV for these games, some anyways, where people will see, maybe, a rocking RC. Then Toronto gets an NFL team, by then the Cowboys have that Taj Mahal stadium and the Giants, Jets, LA back in with Taj Mahal's, Toronto will want an NFL team for sure, a Super Bowl in a new stadium etc. Olympic Games will help make that happen. So Toronto better get it right if they do or don't want in this Pan-Am Games.


Huh?! WTF?

I was talking about making the Golden Horseshoe more athletically palatable to the world stage!

Ergo, more attractive to the CFL market and maybe, getting some politicians off their lazy asses and building some sports venues!

You jus' keep on babblin' 'bout the NFL!


Umm, so was I ub but from a different angle.

Yeah! Uhhh! I get ya'!

mark my words, the superbowl will never be played on this side of the border.

It looks like the Stanley Cup Final will suffer the same fate!

Just a question.......

If Hamilton and environs would be awarded the Pan-Am Games, where do you think the "bid-team' would be suggesting the stadium be?..........the "mountain" ?....just curious.....


I would guess the same place where it was proposed for the last time Hamilton bid on the PanAm games.

Waterfront near/on the Rheem property which is just north west of Bay and Barton.

I love that location.