Pan Am Games bid, can we as Cat fans help out?

As I've said before, I like IWS, no problem to this Hamiltonian. But imagine a new stadium down by the waterfront as part of urban renewal, where the Rheem factory (still used?) with a walkway over to the waterfront trail. Sure traffic but park in designated lots away from the stadium with shuttle buses to the stadium. It would be great and add a lot of buzz to downtown on game day. Grey Cups downtown, sweet. And the soccer boys would get some big matches too, great for them. And as far as track goes and poor sightlines, in this day and age as someone mentioned above, they can design around this.

But I know, IWS is perfect where it is and we don't need no stinkin Grey Cups in this city or big soccer matches etc. So the argument goes. :roll:

I agree stadiums have to be built in a downtown area, look how a stadium has revitalised the downtowns in Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, Baltimore. Stadiums/arenas aren't built in the burbs anymore. People take the bus or shuttles to the stadium or park on the streets near by.
Let's forget this thing about hosting some type of games that will automatically lead to a new stadium. The Pan Am games will be a bid by not just one community as in the past but a combined bid with other cities and the budget won't be blown on building Hamilton a new stadium.

The city and the owner should be looking at a partnership with developers to build and run a large entertainment/commercial complex in the downtown or the waterfront area. The complex could combine condos/bars/restaurants maybe a casino.
Ottawa and Winnipeg are looking at the private sector to get some type of entertainment complex and stadium built. They aren't sitting back and hoping that someday they will win some big event and the government will hand over a couple of hundred million dollars.

The stadiums in Manchester are impressive the ex-Commonwealth stadium shown above is used by Man City and I believe they bought the stadium when the games were finished. There is an even more impressive stadium in Manchester used by Man United. In the UK they don't have to worry about not filling their stadiums.
Has anyone flown over London and seen at least 8 satdiums with 50,000 plus seats each!!! and all Privately owned by the teams themselves.
In addition the Brit government built a new Wembley stadium as the National stadium, I think it cost over a billion dollars.

What will the cost to build a new Stadium be ?
100 to 200 Million or more ?
IWS Could be Fixed for less then half that.
25 to 75 Million
Saving 25 to 75 Million Dollars Of Taxs Payers Money

Urban renewal money should be use to fix our Streets and the Decaying Underground Plumbing in Hamilton.
We could add more Affordable house for our Poor.
So Fixing IWS the saving could be spent There

Hamilton Dose not need a New Stadium.
Repair what we have

hat will the cost to build a new Stadium be ? 100 to 200 Million or more ? IWS Could be Fixed for less then half that. 25 to 75 Million Saving 25 to 75 Million Dollars Of Taxs Payers Money
You are out of touch on this issue. It Cost $67 million for BMO field. So lets just say $100 million for a new IWS. If the old IWS costs $50 to fix but you still have the same problems, poor parking, lack of hotels or restaurants, away from the downtown core, which translates into the lack of ability to maximize the profitability of other events.

Pan Am game, two Grey Cups plus any other events (concerts, etc.) all in a 6 year time span will generate more that $400 million to this city.

That is how you pay for roads.

I Never had Problem Parking for a Game day
I've park in the same spot for 10 years now.
By the way for Free.
You Fix IWS and People will Build in the East End.
The East is so Run Down and Moving the Ticats will only make it worse.

If we Build a New Stadium Parking Rates will kill us.
Look at Rogers Center and Air Canada Center
20 to 30 Dollars to park and that's 10 min away.
Traffic Problems will get worse on game days

No thank you Fix IWS

Fixing IWS doesn't change the fact that the location in terms of attracting people out of town to Hamilton just doesn't work with IWS. The stadium needs to be near the waterfront, near downtown where the city can sell people coming to Hamilton to take in a ball game and rent a bike and ride on the waterfront trail or take a hike there and you're right near downtown at the same time revitilizing downtown.

First time I came from London, Ont to a game at IWS I wasn't impressed at all with the location, especially compared with what I was used to with the university stadium at Western in London which was and still is beautiful. Now that I live here, I don't have a problem because I know the city but the location of the stadium does absolutely nothing for this city and it's image.

You Miss my Point Entirely

How is the East end going to get Better if we Move the Ticats and Don't fix IWS.
The East-end Will Continue to be a Slum.
Only getting Worse Cause nothing is there anymore.
By Fixing IWS it should cause some of the Urban Renewal needed so badly in the east end.

the Downtown is getting better
The West end has Mac it a Nice Spot.
the Mountain is booming with Life
These areas have are fine.

We must stay in East-end to help with the Urban Renewal

I can appreciate what you are saying about the east end but as long as the steel factories are there, housing prices are going to remain low and I don't see developers wanting to build there. I'm no real estate expert but the steel factories seem to me to be a major problem with developing the east end. Urban renewal would take a big step if the steel factories moved but that's not going to happen any time soon I don't think.

for this city and it's image. You Miss my Point Entirely

How is the East end going to get Better if we Move the Ticats and Don't fix IWS.
The East-end Will Continue to be a Slum.
Only getting Worse Cause nothing is there anymore.
By Fixing IWS it should cause some of the Urban Renewal needed so badly in the east end.

the Downtown is getting better
The West end has Mac it a Nice Spot.
the Mountain is booming with Life
These areas have are fine.

We must stay in East-end to help with the Urban Renewal

The Cats have been there for 100 years. A repaired IWS isn't going to help anything.

Not True Football was Played at the Triple A Grounds Before Civic.
Baseball Ground 1869-1872
AAA Grounds 1872-1949 (Hamilton Amateur Athletic Association Grounds)
Civic /IWS 1939- Present.

The stadium was originally constructed in 1930

From Wikipeda:

The stadium was heavily rebuilt in 1970-71 ,
Ivor Wynne's 34,500 seats made it the largest stadium in the CFL at the Time.

In the 1980s, the west endzone bleachers were removed for the addition of a new scoreboard, dropping capacity to approx. 29,500. A subsequent retrofit of the north stand lower east section for handicapped access in the 1990s dropped capacity further to just under 29,000.

We been Retrofitting the Stadium for years.
What Wrong with doing a Major Overhall .
There are parts of the Stadium that maybe as old as 78 to as little was 20 years old

Rogers Center was open June 3, 1989
it almost 20 years old.
There already Retro Fitting it .

Could someone tell me where the Rogers Centre is??? Do I the heart of downtown?

Hmmmm I wonder why?

and Why are Looking to move back to Exhibition grounds

Maybe Traffic and Bad Sight lines.
Cost of Parking.
this why IWS is so good.

The sighlines will be fine in a new stadium if they build it right? You make it seem as if every new stadium built has awful, awful sightlines.

I don’t see why there is an equation that new stadium = sightlines worthy of mortar fire. LOL Remember that Civic Stadium was built with a track and subsequently was remodelled to give us the sightlines of today.

With the modular seating designs in use today in pro stadia, there is no reason why a lower level of seats could not be moved accordingly from a track configuration to a football one (especially if track events are infrequent). In fact, the design criteria of a new stadium demanded by the city should include a “21st-century IWS Mach Two” concept since the Cats will be the main tenant of that stadium whenever it is built.

In my estimation, Ivor Wynne as is has a definitely reduced shelf life. Better to build a modern multi-purpose stadium that has improved amenities and public use applications than dice rolling that concrete doesn’t start raining on people’s heads some time hence.

IF IWS is to be retro-fitted, that will cost a pretty penny to get it right – and I don’t mean just another ten-year makeover.

Methinks that the “political will” only will materialize if there is an international event of some sort that propels the various levels of government to invest in new sports infrastructure like a new stadium. A pro sports team with ten or eleven home dates a year isn’t automatically the prized beneficiary to get that kind of coin, unless there’s a way to get 100,000 butts in seats, have a glass shell to keep them cozy, and a BBBBBBBBBBBBILLION other reasons to create the kind of pleasure palace a Jerry Jones-type might swing, Super Bowl bid-in-tow.

Oski Wee Wee,

?BC Place built in 1983 cost 126 million
Skydome cost 500 million in 1984, however if the cost of SkyDome in 1984 is adjusted for
inflation, it would be roughly 1.05 billion CDN (2006)
BMO Soccer Stadium in Toronto with 20,000 capacity cost 69 million.
Have any idea of what the cost of a 35-50,000 seat football stadium with press and corporate
boxes would cost today?

Ivor Wynne is tailor made for viewing football and getting into the game experience even on TV. We are spoiled here with the sitelines. We want to give this up to host track and field for 2 weeks for the Pan-Am Games. Since when did a no-stick spray substance for cooking get into sports???? I would rather watch football more than not on tv then sit in a half empty stadium where the stands are 20-25 yards from the field. Commonwealth stadium stands start 25 yards back from the field on the west side and 20 yards on the east, much like Rogers Centre, McMahan and Canad Inns stadiums, not to mention the endzones. Ivor Wynne stands are about 6 yards from the field on the south side and about 8 yards on the other. Probably the best in North America. Newer stadiums need to be maintain or reconstructed too. Ivor Wynne is made of concrete and I have yet to hear an enginners report about some huge "crisis." All stadiums needs need maintenance. BMO Field in Toronto was built in 2006 and already has structural issues "Emergency repairs to the locking fasteners on the stadium's grandstands were underway, with
completion expected by 20 May. The stadium has been noted for boisterous fans banging on the metal floors of the stadium, which may have contributed partially. Television cameras mounted on the structure are known to visibly shake in broadcast during such moments." Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton build in 1978 spent 22 million in 2001 in reconstruction cost. 40-50
millions to renovated IWS is the way to go. All stadiums needs renovation or upgrades at some point. As far as retractable seating.... you have the first row 20 yards in the air... just look at the Roger's Centre. I suggest taking over Briam Timmins and put in multi-level parking.

Don’t compare the figures of building BC Place and Skydome, to what we’re planning here in Hamilton. Those were domed stadiums, and the first of their kind. Apples and oranges really.

As far as engineer reports go: The entire South side will show new stairwells this season as no engineer would pass the old ones. In fact, they practically crumbled when the workers took them down. The North side was borderline and I'm sure they will not pass after this season and you will see all of them replaced next off-season.

While the city is doing its due diligence, it is getting rather costly and other parts of the stadium will also need future attention. An interesting fact is that the city has already contacted contractors to enquire about the complete romoval of all the pre-cast concrete slabs that sit ontop of the steel structure. Many are showing wear. You can see additional steel supports that have been added under higher sections. Aside from the Cats locker room, which is a seperate building, just about every other room in the whole stadium, which are under these panels, leaks.

A lot of this info is common knowledge, as even the team addressed concerns last year, albeit not as detailed.

Sounds like a Lambeau Field type of reno is needed but then why? Start from scratch and in a better part of town.

Hey, Hamilton doesn't need a new stadium, we have one. If you look in the sports section in today's Spec, on page SP11, there is a photo of Jesse Lumsden for a meet and greet with an auto dealer in town and man, look at the stadium in the background on this picture, nice! Anyone know where in town this stadium actually is? I wonder why they didn't want to use IWS in the photo? Maybe the same reason why on the front page of the Spec in the upper right hand corner, there often is a photo of Copps but not IWS :lol:

PS. All in fun, I love IWS, you guys know that. :wink:


Pretty sure it is Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands, bowl shape and all red seats.

For those worried about seating at a stadium with a track, like some have said, needn't worry, moveable seating would be ok. When IWS was CIVIC STADIUM ,they use to put up portable bleachers on the south side on the track (field was situated a bit further north then). Best seats in the house, players ended up in you lap.