Pan Am Games bid, can we as Cat fans help out?

Just wondering with the Pan Am Games bid where Bob is a big backer of according to what I've read in the paper, if TiCat fans can't help out in some way like a signing an online petition or something that this would be great for Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe? Or any other ideas?

The WHAT games ?

Hamilton has a HARD enough time drumming up INTEREST in MEANINGFUL events (ie. Brier, World Cycling, Memorial Cup etc) - what makes ANYONE think they give a RAT'S @$$ about the - what were they again ? - Panamanian who whats it ?


Mean, I don't even follow track and field events that much and I've heard about the Pan Am Games quite a bit. Been sittin under a log for a while have you? :roll:

That all we a Stadium with Track
To keep us away from the Players.
This why IWS is best Stadium for Football.
Your in the Players Faces.
They know your There.
With Track We less Effective as Fans
Cause we not in the Players Faces.

Brier attendance was good, and the event was received well.

World Cycling was an overwhelming success-by ALL accounts.

Memorial Cup? What was the last decade that was held locally?

And as far as the track goes, this stadium would be a secondary venue and may not actually have a track. Nobody knows what the configuration could/would be yet.

Hamilton will help a Toronto enterprise the way we always do ,by paying for it .Mr. Rogers is counting on our help to build him an N.F.L. regulation stadium with taxpayers footing the bill. can you say Pan -Am boondoogle?

that's an interesting thought Ballard. I have to agree with Onknight on this one. views from Ivor Wynne are spectacular, you can touch the players. this helps to break the opposing teams spirits or let our boys know what to do. Some upgrades and maybe a nicer endzone grand stand and Ivor Wynne will be back to the class of the league.

man Ivor Wynne sucks. Ya it has good sight lines but what else does it have? you can only invest so much money into a place before it becomes pointless

honestly to me sight lines are what make or break a stadium, if a stadium isn't so comfortable, is a bit older, doesn't have such a great selection of food, or less seats, is better to me than a modern luxurious stadium with poor views.

A new IWS would be more than likely used for soccer and rugby and not track events for the Pan Am Games.

I was quite impressed of the sightlines at BMO field for the Fifa tournament so it is more than possible to have a new stadium with similar sightlines.

the track events could be held at mac or in another city as this bid would include barrie toronto st kitts and other venues

Which also means there is NO guarantee a new stadium will be built in Hamilton.

True but they wont build a stadium in a city that wont have any use for it after the games.

I for one hope that this region does not pursue a future PanAM Games. It's just a taxdollar sinkhole. A few inflated egos will be inflated further, a few rich developers will get even richer and maybe, just maybe, a city like Hamilton will get a new stadium.

But what kind of stadium? Please not like BMO, which reminds me of my childhood Kenner Build-a-Set. Talk about chintzty. From the Gardner it looks like something they just bolted together and once inside it screams, "built on the cheap".

My own preference is to invest the money in a thorough renovation of IWS. A BMO-type facility in Hamilton would be new but it won't necessarily be an improvement over IWS.

An Argo-Cat fan

Doesn’t look that bad.,2284,35649_21569739,00.html

It really is that bad. You don't even have to go in, just walk by. Eeeek, and people are afraid of our gem IWS!

You don’t have to choose between hosting a major track event, (a new stadium), and good sight lines.
You don’t have to keep the track from a new stadium built for the games. The city of Manchester built a brand new stadium to host the Commonwealth games back in 2002. Then they converted it into a more soccer friendly stadium.


[url=] ... 16x300.jpg[/url]


[url=] ... tadium.jpg[/url]

In Mean Time Before The Changes
We have put up bad the Sight lines.
Look at Commonwealth
IMO the Worse Sight lines in the CFL.
Why cause they have a track on the outside of field.

You can't be in the Argos Faces at Commonwealth
why would you Want that here
we have good thing with our Old Stadium.
give me a Break.

I want to be in the Argos Players face Causing Fear.
We want people to hate playing in Hamilton
Cause us Fan are on top of them
With Unrelenting Boos for them and Cheers for our boys in black and gold

IWS The old lady of the CFL is still as Grand as Ever
She just needs to be fixed up
This can be done for Far less money then new Stadium
we also keep the Best Sightlines in Football Today.

So build it with seats that fold out over the track when it's not being used, and tuck under the grandstand when the track is being used. Like the first 15 or so rows at Copps.

But thats just it. If it was done during the off season, you would hardly have to put up with it at all. After that, you would still have the old sightlines in a new stadium.