Pan-Am Comittee Rejects Burlington

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The Pan-Am comittee seems to be on tear, I guess GO access is very important to the Pan-Am projects. Perhaps hinting WH or Aberdeen might be preferred.

I think each site that is rejected now will have it's own reasons for failure......from what I can tell, HOSTCO is just losing patience ffo various City Councils and their jerking around

I believe the Governments have told HOSTCO to start doing their job. .........they have failed miserably so far in my opinion and handing out extensions like candy has been their biggest blunder

Hostco IS the people of Ontario, good natured and they are doing everything they can so that the communities are happy and proud to take part. No mayor or politicking concilor will be able to say Hostco didn't work with us.

Just curious is there a GO station close to the site the city is looking at :?

The West Harbour site is literally across the street from the track that GO would be using for the new station, the rumoured Longwood/Aberdeen site is also right beside a train track that could potentially be used.

Good stuff so if the Cats and the City can come to an agreement , they can likely pickup those seven games from Burlington, that would bring the total to 32 games.

Pan-Am Committe will reject Side Show Fred and the minions if they fail scure a deal with the Tiger Cats ( Major Tenant). So it's gut check time boys and girls. Get for collective heads out of your a$$#@ and make the correct decision. Repairing an
80 year old stadium in a residential area is stupid. Almost as stupid as building a similar stadium at west harbour. Listen to the stadium experts and build anywhere except WH. Build - they will come.......................................

kinda funny that onknight is quiet on this topic. yet he is quick to jump over hamilton and its problems. just wondering?

Hey ain't going to the WH..period! :cowboy:

I am not Quite Burlington is Still Building the Stadium at HWY 5

1500 Seats If the Cats want on broad there it would be Private Sector Money
I said all along a Stadium in Burlington would be Privately Funded

Hey Onknight...anything is possible..except west harbour. :cowboy:

It's funny that the reason Burlington lost the Games was because neighbours complained about the noise and lights etc., so Burlington counil moved the location to a field away from subdivisions.
That's exactly what Bob Y said was one of the main problems with the WH location. Hosting anything but a couple of football games would have got the neighbours in the North End up in arms the same as the Burlington neighbours have.
Maybe the bonehead WH supporters will start listening now. :cowboy:

Yup, they moved it to a location where there is no GO Train service, which is why they lost the bid. You know, sort of like the EM site. "bonehead".

Markham just lost their PamAm site too :

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