Palmer thread error

I merged a couple of palmer threads but now when you click on the link you get "the post does not exist."

I dont know what happend but I have PMed the admins about it

Ro, you bad bad boy! tsk tsk tsk! j/k :lol:

hope you guys will be able to get it up and working again soon.

This line is almost word-for-word identical to a spam I just received. :wink:

guess word of your problem got around :lol:

Doh! :lol:

imagine is kk was not really a person at all and merely a spam engine. that would explain the random statemnents that make no sense....

too funny, maybe we can market a kk blocker to the rest of the forum.

....interesting fact of the day:

....KK posted as Kanga-Kucha up until about May or so, maybe even April of this year and then was banned.....the poster name Kanga-Kucha still leads all other posters in total posts by almost two thousand posts....

lets sell him to Microsoft.....

You think they'd pay?

They prob pay us to keep him

we could turn him loose on them....and they would pay us to turn him off, we could be rich, rich, rich.....

Piggy's on to a plan..... :twisted:

it would make for some good headlines, The Kanga Kucha Catastrophy By: Bill SMith NEw York, New York Earlier today Microsoft had a slight internet scare. A Forum poster know as Kanga Kucha or KKBB... Has filled up the intire internet bandwiths with nonsense posts. Seeing as the internet is usless, and cannot be acessable, microsoft has lost over 4.7 billion customers. It is now reported Bill Gates has offered each member of the forum 1 billion dollars if they will post replies to his garbage, in effort to stop his madness. Further Details were not released.




Kanga-Kucha: you told us that windows would be a lot faster and more relieable than or nature Russian brand!

Bill Gates: it IS faster!!! about 1000MB...


and it is funny than I'm still on top on the posts.

but back to the palmer topic at hand.

Yet he continues to deny that he posts just to increase his post tally

and Ro is just saying that becase he is trying to out do me. :smiley:

I believe in quality not quantity

sure you do.