Palmer retires

I just saw an interview with Popp who said that he received a FAX :roll: from Palmer saying he is retiring!

well it is a sad day in the CFL when a player of Palmers stature retires - wait a minute - who cares - I don't think I've ever seen him holding a football!

Retiring from what? Holding a clipboard? :lol:

Not a QB of any worth.

Id retire from the CFL as well. The Als seemed, to me at least, like they were treating him like crap. Like they werent even going to give him an honest shot at being a starter... Im sure the NFL Network pays better anyways.

Treating him like crap? Palmer is a waste of a jersey. This guy has not proved a SINGLE THING in the CFL, he has never taken a snap on the large field, and yet he expects to be anointed the starter coming into camp? Please. Popp never said Palmer wouldn't be the starter. He said, quite rightly, that Calvillo was the starter unless one of the backups took it away from him. Should he have made Calvillo the backup for some Bachelor reject who thinks he can just walk into the CFL and claim a starter's job?

Jesse Palmer is a loser, and his dad is even worse. Good riddance to both of them.

Show me one instance where Palmer said he wanted to be the starter coming into camp. All the guy was asking for was a REAL opportunity to become the starter.

It was obvious that wasnt going to happen. Popps changed his tune now to make it sound like that was
the case. From the beginning Popp made it quite
clear Anthony would be the starter, without doubt.

I clearly remember this because it sounded like what
people have accused Burris of, being scared to compete for starters role.

I sure dont blame him for quitting.

re-disciplineandpunish-wrote-This guy has not proved a SINGLE THING in the CFL, he has never taken a snap on the large field, and yet he expects to be anointed the starter coming into camp?-------------- FACT-Named Canadian Player of the Year in 1996. Passed for 2,934 yards and 31 touchdowns that year as he helped the team to the Provincial Championship 3 times (1994, 1995 and 1996). Threw 8 touchdown passes and no interceptions in a game vs. Missassauga in his final year. Led the East Nepean Eagles baseball team to the 1994 CanAm Syracuse Baseball Tournament title, the 1st Canadian team to win the championship in the 35-year history of the tournament.-- I recall that Jesse also played real well in U.S college ball AND got the Florida Gators into a Bowl game, Only to get shafted the next year by a new H.C(spurrier)- Then he bid his time ("apprenticing") as backup for the Giants only to get shafted again when they brang in Eli Manning and washed up Warner- ----- Im posting this so the Facts Are known, - Not the B.S some people like to post

REally, it is a shame Jesse Palmer quit on the Als.

Because if he would have become successful as a Canaadian QB in the CFL, it would have spurred on more young Canadians to take up the game.

Instead the guy wants to go back to the USA to call games on TV. Thus we lose another talent to the country down south who could have helped the game grow leaps and bounds in this country.

I guess Jesse doesn't care about us, so really, why should we then give an R.A. about him?

berezin99, if you don't care about Jesse because he won't be
sacrificing his financial future to satisfy some theory of yours,
so be it, he did what we all would do, what is best for himself.

I am sure Jesse couldn't give a R.A.
how you feel about his decision anyways.

Those of us with any sense at all
do what is best for ourselves.

Maasdestruction, I repeat: Jesse Palmer has not proven a thing in the Canadian Football League. You can ramble on about college accomplishments -- at this level, just about everyone has them -- or how you think the NFL screwed him, but the fact remains that Palmer has done nothing in the CFL.

Maybe he would have torn up the league. Maybe he would have been the next Dickinson. We'll never know, because little Jesse didn't like the idea of having to establish himself in our Canadian league in order to earn anything. I won't miss him.

Dude, he is getting paid more by the NFL Network. Dont even begin to tell me that you wouldnt take the much higher paying job. I mean, its still involved with the sport he loves, and the job isnt rocket science. And, he gets to leave the game with his body still in tact, which is a rarity. Honestly, who here wouldnt do it?

Jesse Palmer is a failure as a football player and a quitter. The Americans can have him.

Of course I'd do it. That's not the point. I don't care what he chooses to do with his life. But I do care when he attempts to badmouth the Als and make it sound like we gave him no choice but to retire, which is absolute garbage. He wants to be an NFL broadcaster? Good for him. But he and his dad have tried to make us out to be the bad guys. I don't like it, and as an Als fan, I don't see why I should have to like it.

Financially he has better opportunities and I cannot blame Palmer for going after those available opportunities. Other players have done this in the past, most recently notable NFL players Tiki Barber and Keyshawn Johnson have retired and taken broadcast positions.

Palmer didn't want to sit on the sidelines for another year or more so he took his clipboard and went home, there is nothing wrong with that in the real world.

I saw this on TSN and they reacted like it was Anthony Calvillo. How could you be surprised by this or even care. Did anyone honestly think he'd leave the NFL Network for the CFL? Of course he'd stay with the NFL network, what was he a third stringer last year. Maybe in his time off he'll do another season of the bachelor.But i bet he's a really nice guy so I can't judge him.

Actually it's worse than that. He was a fourth stringer (AC, Brady, Greene, then Palmer).

Bottom line is he didnt do anything wrong.

:cry: Nealon was cut :cry:

(If I am not mistaken. It $ucks, cuz he is still my favorite...)

Too bad it was just all about the spotlight and money for this kid. He could have gone down in history as the Great White Hope up here, if he ever realized his full potential on the field.