Palmer Retires

Well, we won't have Jesse Palmer to kick around anymore:

So, our QB roster looks like Anthony Calvillo, Marcus Brady, Kliff Kingsbury, and Scott McBrien (according to the Als' roster on their website; I recall someone saying McBrien isn't coming, and that we had signed someone else, the name escapes me).

Are Als' fans content with this, or do you think we should (a) bring in some more competition, or (b) wait till other teams make some QB cuts and take a flier on one of their castoffs?

I don't really care.

Palmer has never played a down in the CFL. He was average in the NFL, and we all know, even if you're a superstar in the NFL, doesn't make you great in the CFL.

I don't think Palmer would of been the solution, to any offensive problems.

Totally agreed; having him retire removes a potential distraction which we sure don't need.

My question was, though, are you content with our stable of QBs or do you think we need to strengthen it?

Personally I'm content; if we're looking for more talent we should focus on WR. I'm fine with AC as #1, and Brady as #2.


Don't write off Kingsbury. For everything that's been written in praise of Timmy Chang in the Hamilton papers, Kingsbury ran a similar offence to the runandshoot at Texas Tech and had better numbers than Chang in most categories.

Of course, I'm waiting until he performs in camp to know for sure, but I saw Kingsbury up close when he was with the Saints and really believe he's a player. Palmer leaving helps his development in terms of reps, and I'd bet he shows up well this preseason.

I agree about Kingsbury; he could be a diamond in the rough. With Palmer gone, he might get a better chance to show off his abilities.

I am still intrigued by the way things played out with Jesse Palmer. He is only 28 (I beleive) so he could have taken a shot at the CFL for 2 or 3 years easily, at least 1! If things did not work out, he could have still retired from football a very young man and he would have had plenty of time to have a career in broadcasting. Also, why did it take him all of this time to announce his retirement? Why not retire in January? Why wait till 2 weeks before training camp starts?

From what I understand/interpret from Jim Popp’s statement today (speaking of Palmer’s retirement), was that he could not give the starting job to a QB who had never taken a snap in the CFL. BUT, Palmer would have had every chance to show off his abilities in training camp to win the job from AC.

So, if this is true, why did Palmer not show up and compete? He has seen Calvillo play for half a season. In his mind, he knows if he is better than AC or not. I might be wrong, but it appears like the guy backed down from a fight. If this is the case, he probably is better off pursuing another career. Football is about talent; but it also about heart and courage and having balls. If he is that kind of player, he could never lead a team to glory.

Because in January, his father still had a chance at an Ottawa team

I beleive you are 100% correct on that one. But, if it is true, it means he was only hanging around to help his dad get a team ("Ottawa homeboy will be our QB" his dad probably pitched to the CFL).
Or, he was hoping to play for his hometown and for his dad. He was not interested in playing under any other circumstances. If so, then he is not a true player. A true player would want to play, would want to compete at all costs.

I am more and more releived he retired. He gives me the impression of not being a hardcore player; a "gamer".

As much as I have criticised AC in the past, I do believe the guy wants to win and that it genuinely hurts him when he loses. He has his faults, but he has that thirst to win.

I agree with this about Palmer; with that attitude and lack of a competitive spirit, we're better off without him.

As for Kingsbury, Jack I wasn't writing him off.......just that he has zero CFL experience so I would expect him to be third string this year. With AC, Brady, and Kingsbury, we should be fine at QB; I'm just hoping against hope that some of the new receivers show well because right now we look pretty thin there compared to other teams in the league, and I have some reservations about Bellefueille as offensive coordinator.

I don't think Jesse Palmer was the answer anyway. Kliff Kingsbury hands down has more potential than Palmer. He got the arm for the Al's offense. Texas Tech is the close to a CFL offense as you are going to get in the US.

Montreal Fans Are Lucky …
He is gone for good.
Palmer has always been Mr Hollywood…
He was a Joke in The NFL after The Bachelor
All He wants is Money
He Make Tons Broadcasting.
On The NFLNetwork He Never Talks about playing in the CFL or that he is Canadian.

Most CFL QB Love Our Game.
Look at Danny McManus or AC now they are QB
Mcmanus Also Pickup Mic this year but has Creadability
I think We will See AC do the Same…one day

It really no Big Loss Palmer is gone.
Frankly He was a Never was in Both Leagues.
I am Ashamed he is Canadian