Palmer likely to not attend Training camp!


the guy is whining cause the Als won't give him a fair shot to compete for the starting job with Anthony..


the kid has to prove something before you get a starting role my boy!

he is such a whiner and a cry baby.

SEE?? the NFL has got this boy all screwed up! he actually thinks he has the right to fight to be a starter JUST cause he was in the NFL...

Don't know anything about Palmer's personality, so it's hard to say if he's a whiner or not. Think the guy just wants a chance to compete. I say why not? AC hasn't had serious competition for his job in years. Maybe a challenge from Palmer would be good for AC's game. In addition, the Als don't have an obvious candidate to succeed AC, and are always one hit away from disaster because of that. It would make management sense to groom a guy of Palmer's talent and them ease him into the starting job over the next couple of season's as AC's age catches up with him. Unless the Als have a QB plan we don't know about, to do nothing but rely solely on AC makes no sense.

I really dont think that Popp told him he is no chance to even compete.
Popp is to smart to think that AC is unbeatable for the starters job. Maybe a couple of years ago but not now!

I think Palmer wants to sit out this year and play in Ottawa next year!

i think palmer sees he makes more money being a broadcaster of games in the states than being a backup in montreal...

and if he feels hes not gonna be given the fair chance to become starter, then hes best making more money in tv down south.

Well what constitutes a fair chance and why would Popp not give him one

I personally think this is blown way out of proportion...

Remember these are "daddy's" word, not Jesse.

Unless "daddy" is trying to be like the Lindros, he should keep out of this, and let Jesse's action speak on the field.

Very good point XGamer. All the talk I heard seems to be coming from Dad.