Palmer group Pulls Out ??????

In Ottawa there is a division, the old school of course wants Rough Riders, some want Renegades, for the gatineau side (230 000+ people just accross the river) the name Rough Riders is a turn off....

Whatever decision they make, it will be impossible to please all.

Personally I would much prefer Renegades... It is after all the Renegades that have been put in "hibernation", the Rough Riders died in 1996 and for the Sask has won the right to the name.

In Ottawa there is a division, the old school of course wants Rough Riders, some want Renegades, for the gatineau side (230 000+ people just accross the river) the name Rough Riders is a turn off....

Whatever decision they make, it will be impossible to please all.

Personally I would much prefer Renegades... It is after all the Renegades that have been put in "hibernation", the Rough Riders died in 1996 and for the Sask has won the right to the name.
That's your opinion.

So what the hell is going on with the Palmer group ? Does anyone know ?

It is Odd to have too Teams Name Roughriders

I know one is Spelled Roughriders and one rough riders

It makes us look bush league

Rengeades or outlaws

Maybe use Roughriders Colours and use the name Riverriders

Matter of opinion, but I don't find that the two names make the league look bush at all. It did fine with it for decades.

The SEC in NCAA has two teams called Tigers and two called Bulldogs out of only twelve clubs, but they don't spend a whole lot of time kicking their own asses over looking bush, I'm pretty sure of that.

Drafting dead players, incompetent owners, botched U.S. expansion, constant conflict between the BoG and the Commish...those things make a league look bush.

Two teams with similar names? Meh...not so much in my view.

This definition of 'bush league'
I got at from

doesn't sound as bad as
the people who use the term,
mean it to sound.

Bush League: A Minor league:

a league of teams that do not belong
to a major league (especially baseball)

The CFL is a minor league
compared to the NFL..

few people will deny that.


By inference, inexperienced.
Not first-rate. Amateur. Second best.

Not much wrong with being rated below
the NFL as a league or a business.

The NFL is one of the most successful
sports leagues in the world

and the CFL definitely isn't
an amateur or inexperienced league.

Our media out here at the West Coast CONSTANTLY poked fun at the league with two names. We should move on. Fresh team, fresh name, fresh start!

poked fun at the league with two names

Doesn't mean they don't enjoy the league. Heck, I love the league and poke fun at it, it's just part of the tradition of the CFL. And that is quite ok, maybe even the way it's mean't to be in some respects. I mean, really, a Canadian professional league is still surviving, and thriving somewhat, that isn't a hockey league. Not bad, not bad at all.

thats cuz they are not a pro-league, so its no biggie having teams with the same name.

What? What difference does it make if the players get paid or not? The SEC is still a hugely popular league, with eons of tradition.

I think it’s stupid to consider the CFL “bush” just because two teams are named (almost) the same. If it was the NHL, everyone would be drooling over how neat it is that the NHL had kept its history, and recognized that the two teams came from two different beginnings. If everyone knew that the Sask. Roughriders and the Ottawa Rough Riders were created completely independently, and only came to be in the same league because of a merger, perhaps they’d realize it’s not a reason to call the league “bush” after all.

And I wouldn’t call the CFL “minor” compared to the NFL. Smaller, sure. But minor tends to indicate that it’s inferior. No matter how you say it, “bush league” is an insult. And even if it doesn’t necessarily mean they dislike the League, saying that will still give the impression that the League is not worth watching - which only hurts the CFL.

The Commone Belief is you can only have one Major league for a certain sport, that is not true.
Normally that would make leagues Rivals also not true.

Remember the past of pro sports:
American football:


NL vs. AL was it?(National vs. American Baseball leagues)

Now the reason all those were in competition was they were in the same markets.

Right now, do you see the NHL and the Russian Super League of Hockey in Direct Competition?
NO, is the Russian League a Minor League?

They are Both Major League, but the thing is they are not in the same markets.

Now this is looking to change, if the NFL had a team in Toronto, who knows.
But considering the CFL is at it’s strongest and the only reason the NFL is considered a Major League is their TV deal.

If the CFL can get a solid TV deal of 24-36M a year in 2011 or 2012(whenever the re-negotiation happens)
the CFL might be able to provide minor competition, not near enough to steal top end players, but atleast to steal players who are either lower picks, FA, PR.
Then to build from that, it was only 13 years ago? that Toronto Stole Rocket Ismail.

If the CFL can keep securing it’s footing the CFL could start grabbing some players before the NFL draft, again not 1st rounders but guys who had a shot at being draft.

if you get a team, you must come back in force, don’t drag the league down.
25K a game++

You almost make it sound like you wouldn’t go to games if the team wasn’t named Rough Riders …

Personally, I think football is football, whether the team is named Rough Riders, Renegades, or Warm Fuzzies. Not that I’d be happy with that name …

Warm Fuzzies... I LOVE IT!!!

Ottawa needs a new name. Rough Riders doesn't work(don't need two Rough Riders)

Why not go with Red Riders?

It lets the team keep it's Colors(Red, Black and White)
The team is Still RR
But there is no Confusion between the Green Riders and Red Riders.
although the fack the Stampeders are Red, and love to Ride is great.

Better Uniforms would be great, Renegade and Rider Uniforms weren't the best.

They looked kinda like Falcons Jerseys(but all CFL jerseys now have 1 or 2 NFL looking conterparts)

Go real Vintage. Horizontal Stripes(red and Black) on the whole Jersey(JOKING, kinda)

I quite like(d) the "current" Renegades jerseys. In fact, I own one :slight_smile: The red on black looks really sharp. And the red ones look(ed) really good too. And the white ones looked fine.

I doubt they'll ever get away from looking like Atlanta Falcons jerseys ... but hey ... since the Ottawa Rough Riders started up in, what, the 1870's, shouldn't it be that Falcons jerseys look like Ottawa's, instead of the other way around?

lol, true true.
NFL teams took CFL colour same as CFL took the NFL colours.

There is just something about their Uniforms that looks like it needs to be improved, mind you there is that aspect about alot of CFL Uniforms

Hopefully a new Expansion team in Halifax, London or Quebec City isn't far off one that would have an new Colour Combo and along with that hopefully great Jerseys/Uniforms.

Quebec - Laval(red + gold)
London - (Purple + black or Gold)
Halifax - (Navy Blue + Red or Red + Green)

In their tenure at Ottawa the team developed a top rated QB and demonstrated some good football BUT the fans did not turn out. We do not need another disaster in Ottawa and a franchise fee would have provided needed stability to a prospective team.

Good football? They had 23 wins in four seasons and were only in playoff contention once, in 2003.

Here's the back end of their 2005 schedule. They were routinely getting kicked around by 20+ points.

Friday, August 19th:
Ottawa Renegades 17 @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers 38

Friday, September 2nd: Ottawa Renegades 18 @ Montreal Alouettes 41

Thursday, September 8th:
BC Lions 61 @ Ottawa Renegades 27

Friday, September 16th:
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 37 @ Ottawa Renegades 21

Thursday, September 22nd: Ottawa Renegades 23 @ Calgary Stampeders 45

Wednesday, September 28th:
Ottawa Renegades 18 @ Toronto Argonauts 29

Friday, October 7th: Hamilton Tiger-Cats 21 @ Ottawa Renegades 43

Friday, October 21st:
Ottawa Renegades 32 @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats 40

Saturday, October 29th: Montreal Alouettes 43 @ Ottawa Renegades 23

Saturday, November 5th: Toronto Argonauts 17 @ Ottawa Renegades 27

In 2004, they won won their first three then promptly lost 13 of their next 15.

I'm not going to get into the whole debate about Ottawa crowds being better than that of other teams when those teams hit their rough patches (which were nothing compared to Ottawa's), but don't kid yourself into thinking they provided good football.

There was the occasional game, sure (the overtime win against Montreal was as good a game as I've ever seen) but for the most part it was blown leads, ass-kickings and out of the playoffs by mid-September.

That OT game against Montreal ... wow. Instant classic. I remember sitting at home watching that, when I was supposed to be on my way to rugby ... I couldn't tear myself away from the TV.

It is tempting to wade back into the crowd size debate, but it's been done so many times ...

Anyway, if the reports of the $5.5 million franchise fee are true, then you need no longer worry about that, hassall ...