Palmer group Pulls Out ??????

Palmer group Pulls Out ?????? If this is true because the CFL wants a 5 million dollar franchise fee, then I'm outta here. The CFL has no interest in giving Ottawa fans a team, so after almost 40 years as a CFL fan, supporter,diehard, defender this is where I get off the train. The CFL doesn't need me and I don't need the CFL. :thdn:

This is the reason I am upset - NOT because we are not getting a team but because we've been lied to from the get-go....from the word "suspension" to today.

The CFL needs leadership badly...they should have stood by their conviction that Ottawa wasn't in the plans and stated so.

bring on soccer..bring on the NFL. Goodnight CFL and good luck.

i heard the third group was a dead horse about a month ago. I wonder why this is a big shock...

So you'd rather have a franchsie come back for a year and two and the leave again? The purpose of the franchise fee, is so that the group buying the team can prove that they are dedicated and have the financial resources to support the team for more than only a couple of seasons. Without this fee a team would come to Ottawa once again and most certainly leave after taking heavy losses the first few seasons. The CFL is doing the right thing in making sure that the next franchise in Ottawa is LONG TERM!

almost correct....the purpose of posting a 10 million dollar bond would prove the owners were in for the long haul.The purpose of anything more then a nominal "franchise" fee for a "suspended" club is to appease the BOG with a cash cow.

rumour has it that D'angelo basically wrote a blank cheque and he was turfed from the "competition" process...of course that's only rumour and I'm quite sure the CFL is "committed to the return of football in the Ottawa-Gatineau market"(insert pinochio icon here)

you really think you'd get a NFL team no one wants to even purchase them for 5 million its like twice as much for nfl

NFL sux..were not talkin about them.

bringbackottawa wrote:

bring on the NFL

I'm sure we'll see an NFL team in Ottawa in a new stadium in a few short years, I've heard that Ottawa is right at the top of their short list for a new team. :lol:

ummmm...........of course i meant I'll be watching the NFL and soccer and NOT be expecting an NFL team here..i didn't think i would have to explain this to a CFL fan board

I'll be watching the NFL also bbo, not sure what your point is?

This is really sad.. I was hoping to get the gades back for 2007, now all fans can do is hope and pray for a return in 2008. Things aren't looking good at all so far. IMO the CFL would rock with 10 teams.

Things have been fairly quiet about Ottawa for awhile now. Don’t know if that is a good sign or not.
Tom Wright used to say they were “Getting it Right”.
But maybe what the B of G were actually saying was “Get Wright”…and they’re happy with the way things are for the forseeable future.

I agree with the desire for a ten team league, but I'm a little worried about the talent pool; particularly for Canadians and Quarterbacks. Are there enough quality Canadians available to stock not one but two additional teams? I'm not convinced.......

Secondly, look around the league at the backup QBs and name one you think would be a good fit for a starter on an expansion team. Buck Pierce comes to mind, but after him the pickings are pretty slim.

Yeah but Thats why they have to find their own talent like the renagades did with joesph . also i think that they could go for crandell maybe even rockybutler would be good for a shot as he has yet to be given a chance

Let Steelback Brewery in just make sure he has to write a nice lil contract stating he will remain the owner of the team for say 10 years, will not ask for CFL assistance in those 10 years, will put in a 5-10M bond and blah blah blah.

considering he owns a beer company it makes sense to have a CFL team he can make alot of money considering all the booze football fans drinks.

I'm not sure when the CFL said they wanted an Ownership group in place but if they want a team ready for 2008 they should announce the owners by March.

It would make sense the CFL is in no hurry no offence Ottawa fans but the CFL has 8 strong teams and a 9th team means a horrid schedual if they wait until Halifax announces a stadium deal then BOOM Ottawa gets a team for the 2008 stadium and Halifax in 2009.


it would be nice getting the gades back but it dosn’t look like its going to happen too soon we’ll just have to wait a few more years.

the CFL should just call frank d'angelo up and say 'were sorry'!

Forget the Gades. I read in the National Post today that the Palmer group will be restarting the team in 2008. Palmer = RoughRiders.

I want the Riders back with the Big Black Helmet and the "R" in white.

Nothing else!!!!

AMEN TO THAT !!!! :thup:

Obviously the priority is getting a team back in Ottawa ... that's what I want to see, too!

But does anyone know the overriding sentiment in Ottawa, about the nickname?

Do most people want "Rough Riders" back? Or Renegades? Or something new?

I still like my compromise (of course :slight_smile:) ... use the Renegades name, but put the 'R' on the helmet. You get the tradition with the helmet, but you avoid having two teams named similarly ...