Palmer group out, is this the end for Ottawa?

Bid to put team in Ottawa falls through

"The Canadian Football League's efforts at returning to Ottawa for the 2008 season are dead, according to league sources.

The CFL has spent the past several months negotiating with former CFL player Bill Palmer, who represents one of three groups that expressed interest in an Ottawa franchise last summer.

But those efforts have fallen short largely because the two sides couldn't make the economics of operating a franchise work." ...

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The unfortunate reality here is that the economics just don't work right now (the article says as much). If you want to assign blame, you can look at there not being enough people coming to games, to city hall for what was probably another poor lease, and to the franchise fee.

People on this board don't like hearing it, but $6 million is way too much for a franchise in Ottawa. Any owner will want to have a chance to break even on the team sometime this century, and when you already start $6 million in the hole and have to bear startup costs as well as the costs it'll take to win over a jaded fanbase... its just not realistic.

Football in Ottawa is dead, unless the BoG will eat their pride and call up Frank D'Angelo. Anybod want to take bets on the likelihood of that happening?

....the ottawa franchise is flatlining and the BoGs are still reading up on how to turn the defibrilator on...I agree, it is pretty much gone at this point....

.....the thing that puzzles me is the franchise fee....I recall that the Gades operations were 'suspended' pending the search for new owners...why then would a franchise fee be put in place? operating bond I could see and understand, but not a fee, especially when the new owner is faced with potentially millions in start up costs already....

.....RIP Ottawa Renegades...... least Bytown has a legitimate shot at Lord Stanley's Cup....

well, well, well ... who could have guessed?!


this never gets old ...


Where from "I'd hate to say I told you so" dont you guys understand,lol

Change the Ottawa RR and Gades logos to the Ottawa city hall, it would be more accurate.

So, we remain, an 8 team league for the next few years.

This is unfortunate if true. But, I am optimistic that the CFL will be back in Ottawa soon.

My advice, though, for Ottawa fans is to ignore the papers, talk shows, and most definitely the rumour-mongering on websites, and wait till the CFL calls the press conference in Ottawa. Only then will you be sure football is back in town!

For the record, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if when the new team returns they play in a new stadium. I fear for Landsdowne Park.

Sounds that way to me as well bobby. This could end up being "it's their fault" "no it's your fault" etc. type of thing as there are hidden agendas here ie. Ottawa city hall maybe wants Lansdowne torn down and a stadium in a less residential neighbourhood. But it might be a nasty word-slinging process to get there and lots of blame to go around. Of course at the end of the day, they will want some federal funding for a new stadium and that. Could be a long time before a team returns.

Curious to see how the new commish handles this PR problem.Could be an early indication of the kind of commissioner we've got.

Yup, Ottawa city hall can basically sling all the bad shots towards the CFL since it is a private enterprise but Cohoon will have to take the high road and not retaliate, just say a deal couldn't be made and then keep quiet. Might be tough to do, if it was me.

CFL media statement:

TORONTO (CFL) -- The Canadian Football League (CFL) has announced that it has ended discussions with a group led by Mr. William Palmer regarding the return of a CFL team to Ottawa for the 2008 season.

CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon stated, “Several parties have recently expressed strong interest regarding a franchise for Ottawa, and we have decided to concentrate our efforts on these new opportunities. The CFL remains committed to the City of Ottawa, and we remain determined to return a franchise to the nation’s capital only at a time and under circumstances that will ensure strength and stability in the long run?.

No real information.

Face it the Land is worth more as Condos .
We won't be back in Ottawa Ever.
Ottawa is a Hockey Town till they start to lose.
Ottawa is a Band wagon City

Full of Liars and Cheats
From City hall To Parliament Hill

How many times have I said it wasnt going to work?

jman, why didn't you tell the league instead of just us here? :lol:

So now that Ottawa is out of the picture, LET THE EXPANSION THREADS BEGIN,LOL

what the heck does this mean?...

are there new prospective owners now?

Now the league can start talking to the dozens of millionaires pounding on the door begging to buy a team! :roll:

They said on the 3 o'clock news that there are other potential owners for an Ottawa team but they are only interested for 2009