Palmer group gets Ottawa?

Doesn't the fact that the CFL has turned aside the D'Angelo bid mean that the Palmer group has won the Ottawa franchise? I can't see why they would reject a bidder unless a deal has already been struck. In a negotiation like this, I would think that you would want to keep all parties involved as leverage, at least until a deal's been done.

Am I right to believe that Palmer's group purchased the Rough Rider name?

That would be the normal logic ruff.
However with the BOG all bets are off.
Recently there has been a very strong rumour how a second unnamed very serious group has surfaced and is in the mix.

Apparently, the Palmer group has secured the rights to purchase the Rough Rider name and logo.I don't know if there has been money exchanged with Horn Chen. There is an agreement in place that if they win the bid they will purchase the property. I have no idea why the CFL hasn't announced anything yet. What the hell is going on ! :x

I hope they get this done soon. It's dragging out too long and it's starting to reflect poorly on the league.
I'm hoping Ottawa has a team next season and they're called Rough Riders.
I know it's crazy having 2 teams with the same name in a 9 team league,
but then again it's kind of cool having 2 teams in a 9 team league with the same name.

Ottawa had this name for 100 years. I grew up with the name and they should return to it. There are many people who are fond of the Ottawa Rough Riders name.

Yeah, I kind of guessed you were a fan of the name.
Well, here's hoping.

Under normal circumstance I do not want two teams with the same name anymore, but right about now as we desperately need more teams, I guess I don't care what they are called.

I think the historical reasons alone are reason enough.
Ottawa's had such a rich history with so many great players, that to not name the team Rough Riders is dishonouring
them somehow. If the name dies the history will fade with it.

Exactly !!!! :thup:

As said by ruff, history is enough here and validates the use of the great name Rough Riders. History alone is why many Americans and anti-CFL Canadians view the CFL as legit, despite the problems the league has had in some years of late and the rules are different, and didn't view other leagues such as the XFL as legit. Not that it matters what Americans or anti-CFL Canadians think actually.

I would love for Ottawa to get the Rough Riders name back.

I'd have no problem with the Rough Rider name, and I'd actually prefer it.
As far as next season goes, I think the league has already established '08 as the soonest a team will be in Ottawa.

"FanWithoutATeam": excellent moniker, my friend! Personnally, I invested in the Renegades since their inception in 02 and would like to see that name remain. The Rough Riders died for me when they left the league in 96(?).

Go Gades Go in 08!

Still bitter in Ottawa

The Last Word I Heard, About 3 Or 4 Days Ago Was That The League Rised The Franchise Fee Based On A New Television Contract. This Means That Even Though The Palmer Group Is The Only Remaining Bidder They Have To Re-Bid Based On The Increased Exposure The New TV Contract Will Generate. Therefor They Have The Option To Not Re-Bid Or To Re-Bid At The Old Price Which Isn't At The Current Franchise Fee. However I Dought That That Would Happend As The Ottawa Teams Now Worth More So Why Wouldn't They Be Willing To Bid More.

Since The Renegades Are Technically Suspended I Think The New Owners Are Picking Up That Logo And Name. I Remember When Ottawa Came Back Last Time The Rough Rider Name Was Owned By The Last Owner Which Is Why They Had To Be The Renegades. Personally I'd Like To See A Combination Of The Two, Like The Tigers And The Flying Wildcats. Something Like The Rough Gades, Or The Reneriders .......... Funny It Sounded Better In My Head.

the cfl should give a new ownership group based on:

  1. ability to financially support the team for at least 20 years.

2.renovating the stadium logo and colours jesse palmer as qb

Bamboo Why Is It That You Have To Put a Capital At The Beginning Of Each Word?

Not only is it grammatically incorrect, it's getting darn annoying........

Why would a rough rider fan be happy with this owner? I mean the Stamps went through this scenario with Mike Feterik and his QB son. Why would ottawa fans want this situation? Father owns the tean and son playing QB. This is not a good situation. I would bet another group has come forward and may have the ears of the BOG. Could be a local very wealth sports owner in the city! Stay tuned we will find out. Could the reason for the delay be that this new onwership group (local) will build a their own stadium thus the dealy? It is now becoming the in thing to do own several sports franchises under one group!

Which is why the Argos will be owned by MLSE very soon.

Your right Earl, the Flames have a 5 percent ownership of the Stamps and share staff.

I think people need to chill. The league evidently wants to take its time, get the job done right, and make announcements only when absolutely necessary. That's the perfect antidote for the past few years of embarrassment with the Ottawa franchise: minority owners bailing out, majority owners at loggerheads, management without equipment money, the return of the Gliebermans, the Mardi Gras fiasco, players leaving, internal power struggles. Now, silence is indeed golden until the new owners have signed on the dotted line.

As for the Roughriders name, ditch it. I don't care how much tradition it represents: it's time for a fresh start, and it's embarrassing to have two teams with the same name in a nine-team league. With all the tradition, what did the Rough Riders produce in terms of championships? In terms of a winning tradition? The franchise needs a new name, a new start, and a new identity.

As much as I miss the Rough Riders, love the name, and loved the helmets they had, I was watching the 1968 Grey Cup game between Ottawa and Calgary, and admittedly it didn't really jive with me that the "Rough Riders" weren't Saskatchewan ...

It $ucks that the Rough Riders are gone, and it $ucks that they had the name before Sask did, and it $ucks that CFL-bashers use the 2 similar (not identical) names as a reason to bash the league, but I have to say that after 10 years of the only Rough(_)riders being from Saskatchewan, I don't know if it makes sense to go back.

You don't have to dump it completely though. You could have the Ottawa Renegades use this helmet. It's the Renegades font, in the Rough Riders "style".

The CFL has always been quiet about their affairs with their teams; why should it be any different for Ottawa?

Plus, the situation with Palmer buying the team is completely different from Feterik buying the Stamps. Palmer knows the CFL - he played in it. Palmer is Canadian. Not to mention, Palmer's son is actually a competent QB ... not that I agree with buying a team to put your son at QB, but I doubt that's his intention anyway.