Palardy or Stala

Right now I'd say Stalla is the best punter on this team which is not good, they can't possibly be serious about rolling into meaningfull game with Palardy, he proved himself to be nothing but unreliable and we need to cut him asap and bring back the judge because Palardy will cost us a close game or 2 at some point this year.

Hopefully they don't wait untill this kid costs us a game to do something, he's not even close to being a pro quality punter, completely unacceptable.

Palardy, don't need Stala injuring his foot.You can't blame him for the wind sailing most of his punts.He did alright for the most part.

Totally agreed! :rockin:

He's inconsistant, his best punts are average to every other kicker in this league and he shanks punts every 3rd attempt which is pretty much the same thing as a turnover.

I'd cut hm some slack for a couple games but still keep an eye open for any experienced punters. Give him some time AND game experience.

I'm with Wallace...cut him some slack to get over the rookie jitters, but keep an eye open for anyone else...because misperformances can cost you a season...

I think he improved as the game went on and he did recover his own bad punt. I think he'll be ok

Well get another Punter Via Trade or Cut ....

If not well let Pardy Get better

Bring back Setta!!! one guy to take two jobs. He was as good as D'angelis and a great punter

Setta is not an option. AS good as he was previous to last season, he lost the job on ability. He cost us a couple of games and as an import at a non import position thats completely unacceptable Pardy did OK except for one. Like the idea of a non import kicker saving a spot elsewhere for an import. Nice to have a capable back up which is all that Stella is

sorry but His back I rather have Sandro he has better % on Field Goals
I'll take a few less yards punting for more points

My prediction is that Burke Dales will be the Cats' punter on July 2nd.

he did fine. We certainly won't be leading the league in punting but he'll improve over the season.

Precisely.His directional punting skills if brought to the next level can be deadly.Judging a punter on a windy day isn't the greatest idea.

wow I cant believe some of you thought he was good, I thought he was horrible. Saying that I don't want Stalla punting either so we need to find a real kicker.

It was a little windy today but nothing like the team will face when out in the praries...I am a little sceptical that Pardy will be our guy.

Whether you thought he played well or thought he sucked, could everyone just please get his name right? It's Palardy, not Pardy. It's really not that hard. And while we're at it, it's Stala, not Stalla. I know typos happen, but can we at least get the player names correct?

With my rant over, I also wasn't impressed with Palardy. We can make as many excuses as we want (windy day, rookie jitters, etc.), but he did not perform very well. There are going to be windy days in the future and he's going to have to get through that.

I'm not sure about that. In the Stamps vs. Riders game today, Maver handled placekicking, and they used Dales on punts, as you can see here:

So they may keep both Maver and Dales. We'll see.

Palardy is terrible.

Anyone know if Maver has done any punting in Calgary? Maybe if he impresses in that department they'll use him for both duties and cut Dales.

I don't know what his average was today, but it wasn't pretty.

Last week was horrible as well and he takes all day to get rid of the ball.

He might start the season as our punter...but he ain't finishin' it!!!

He makes Boreham look decent so far. Ouch!