Palardy Is Gone !!

Im going to have to disagree with your claim that he wasnt athletic. I punted and kicked with the guy at the national invitational combine in toronto in march and he was impressive to say the least. The coaches were drooling whenever Palardy would step up and punt the ball....he had quick hands, fast feet and was knocking 55 yard punts (with no rush mind you) in a driving rain and wind at varsity stadium that day. It was one of the most impressive shows of punting I had ever seen.

When I watched him this season he seemed to have been the deer caught in the headlights. The pace of the CFL is a huge step up from CIS ball and I honestly think he had troubles making the transition.....Anyway, I hope him all the best, I played college ball in the states and I know what it was like to have a poopy game and the media/fans/teammates blaming the whole teams whoas and losses on you, it sucks but at this level if you dont perform your ass is grass and unfortunatly he didnt perform...

I just checked and it was confirmed there that Palardy is not eligible to play in the CIS. However, it was said that he could attend a kicking school in the U.S., and that's what Obie would like him to do.

He was suspended and not released, so the team hasn't completely given up on him yet.

K/P, I'll bow to your personal experience with the guy. I've always found he was somewhat methodical, which served him well in the CIAU but not so well in the pro's. But you're correct in saying he looked like a deer in the headlights. For whatever reason the game was just big for him, and really we saw no progression. With the Husklies he wasn't exactly known for booming his punts.

Now he's really gone. It's reported in the Spec. blog that the Cats have now given Palarady his release to go elsewhere, at his request. That's good for him, as there was really nothing in it for him to be suspended and he likely agreed to it without thinking it through.

Palardy was slow and had no distance or hang time,his low punts were always returnable.. he
should not be a pro kicker at this time..needs lots of work
good luck to him

I would agree. He lacked the football skills for the position. Even with a heavy pass rush an athletic kicker can side step or move away and get the ball away. The worse thing you can do is kick it into the oncomming rusher.

Changing his mind on agreeing to be suspended has already paid off with, at least, another opportunity (Paragraph 5):

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Maybe if we had used him in his specialty, he'd still be here.

Not that I'm complaining with DeAngelis. I think he's a better kicker that Palardy at this point, now that he's got the monkey off his back. I really wonder if a lot of that was getting used to the timing of a new LS and holder, and the winds at IWS. Thanks, Ozzie, for whatever you said to him. It seems to have worked.

In a few years, we may regret letting Palardy go. You never know, he might end up being one of the elite FG kickers in the league. And now that we're done with the Bombers for the season (at least until the playoffs), maybe we should hope that he comes into form now to help knock off the Als and Argos?

Palardy practised today with the Blue Bombers, one of a trio hoping to replace Louie Sakoda/Alexis Serna.

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He'll be doing the kicking (not punting) for the Bombers tomorrow night in Montreal.

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Blue Bomber head coach Paul LaPolice chose Palardy over Warren Kean to handle kickoffs and field goals Thursday in Montreal because he’s also a punter who can back up Mike Renaud

I wish him well as by all accounts he was apparently a kicker first and a punter second.