Palardy Is Gone !!

8) Drew Edwards is just now reporting that Justin Palardy has left the team and has returned to St Mary's to continue
 towards his degree.   The team has suspended him, thereby retaining his rights.

 Apparently it was a mutual decision, but Palardy will not return to the Cats this season.

 Eric Wilbur will handle the punting and kickoff duties for now.

Good for his development. I don't think he was ready for the CFL just yet

Good Move for Him and The Ticats Can't

Palardy is Good kid

Good luck to him. He was going to need his degree anyway. Whatever happens in the future I hope he'll always remember this summer fondly.

So we still have his rights? Good. We can look at him again next year, and hope he learns from this experience.

Any guesses on which import gets dropped to make room for Wilbur? Or was there already room? I've seen mention that we were playing an import down already.

Also, if this guy's got the hang-time people are saying he has, I hope he doesn't cause too many no-yards calls like Setta did when he first got here, with the coverage team overrunning his punts.

I'd say Ike Brown get's taken off for Wilbur.Or if Jiminez returns, maybe Belton Johnson get's taken off for now.

Good decision for him. I wish him all the best and hope to see him back much improved.

Hmmm 2 spots for kicker one being an import? Makes lots of sense to me.

Sandro's just going to focus on kicking field goals and if that fails, i'm sure he'll be slid down to the PR or released.
Too early to give up on the most accurate kicker in the CFL from 40 minutes down the highway.

Nova Scotians are a tough breed.......he'll be back in the CFL soon enough :slight_smile:

8) But Jiminez is an import, as is Belton Johnson, so that wouldn't help the ratio. Maybe they go back to an all Canuck OL :roll:
 As you say, could be Brown, or Shannon James for now, anyway.

Shivers hopefully.

If this new punter Erick works out, i delt if we will see Palardy again! So far this Wilbur guy look extermely good! All the best to Justin and hope he makes it somewhere one day!

Doe's Palardy have any eligibility time left at university. If so he could play and improve now, knowing what the pros want. He did get a few good kicks off, but the rest of the game seemed to overwhelm him a bit. I am sure we will see him again, if not here, then on another team.

To answer that question, it seems that he does, according to this article here: ... cfl-career

Here is a quote from it:

The Saint Mary’s Huskies kicker/punter is being talked about as a potential top-three-round pick in Sunday’s Canadian Football League draft in Toronto. If that happens, there is a good chance he won’t be back at school in the fall, ending his realistic bid to smash all-time CIS records for scoring and field goals.

“Records are cool and all, but I’m not playing to break records — I’m playing to get a paycheque,? Palardy said. “I want to go to the CFL and if I can go this year, I’m gonna go. That’s my whole dream and goal. It’s what I’ve been working toward.?

So this seems to be what's best for both the team and for Palardy. The team gets a significant punting upgrade, and Palardy gets time to work on his punting, and he may set records there in the CIS. This is kind of like a major league team assigning a player who is not quite ready for the major leagues to a minor league affiliate.

And if Palardy does not have a future in the CFL, he'll at least have that degree to fall back on.

I wish the kid the best, but the chances of him ever playing in the CFL again are slim. He’s not very athlectic, has slow reaction times, and lacks football instincts. He was way over his head and our GM and Head Coach should have seen that from day one. I’ve seen him kick for St. Mary’s for years. He’s an OK CIAU player but there was not much reason to project him as a CFL caliber player. Bob and Marcel made a huge mistake and took 5 games and 4 losses to admit it. They’re getting away with stuff like that since everyone seems focused on the stadium. But that’s another story…

It was only on the 15th post in this thread that the stadium location issue got mentioned. Wow. :wink:

It does seem that topic is pushing the Ticats bad start out of the headlines here, and there will be more posts about that after EM supporters come back from that East Mountain Support Event.

But I digress.

I remember it being said that by Duane Forde on draft day that Palardy's punting needed work. And we saw how true that was. Maybe if he specialized in placekicking, as Rob Maver does now, he would've been more likely to stick around.

Good observation N S Kid. I seen him in training camp and could see he was in way over his head. Hopefully he gets back to the CIS, plays some ball and gets his education. :cowboy:

Putting DeAngelis on the PR would be the same as releasing him. Any team could sign him off the PR as long as they put him on their active roster for the next game.

Doesn't he lose his eligibility as soon as he plays in a regular season game in the CFL?

FYI - I found a website with CIS elgibility rules. Because Palardy played in regular season games he is considered a professional. To play in the CIS, Palardy would have to wait a year from the date of his last professional game. It also says a player is charged a year's eligibility for each year he was a professional. IF those rules are still in effect (the website said it was as of 2006) then it sounds like Palardy has lost his eligibility.

Blue Blood, tks for the info. I was hoping the kid had a year of eligability left so he could play and hopefully improve with what he learned in the pros. Guess he had his shot at the show and lost it. Feel sorry for all the kids that strive for their goal of playing in he big leagues and fall short. Anyway, may he will get another shot, hope so.