Palardy gets the nod.... beating out Kean, he gets to start on thurs......Good luck to him....I know he had one blocked by the Als. when he was with the cats...hope he's learned from that...One of the reasons cited by Lapo for the choice is that Palardy can also punt and that's a good thing considering Renaud has a brace...I think if he does a good job he just might have found a home....It's looking like Sakoda may be out of the picture :roll:

I think Palardy has had 3 blocked this year, leading to his Hamilton departure.

Doesn't it bug you - picking up Tiger-Cat scraps?

That was as a punter, not a kicker. We already have one of the best punters in the league. His university stats as a kicker were decent.

....might say a lot about the cats blocking schemes rather than the punter :wink: ...and talking about scraps;s ol noodle arm working out for ya :lol:

In his role, fine. Our clipboard is neat, Durant has been well hydrated and never had to look for his sideline cap once.

Plus, we don't have the same hate-on you all have for Hamilton.

Palardy never once attempted a field goal with hamilton. Not even in TC or at practice as far as i know. He had three punts blocked, so if Renaud goes down i would be nervous if i were a bomber fan. Hope he does well with the place kicking though. :thup:

//////nice to hear Durant is well watered...and c'mon artie...we all don't have a hate-on for anyone....just a friendly rivalry BUT nothing compared to the atmosphere that exists between the Bombers/ that's a horse of a different colour....plunk plunk plunk :lol:

Cool, i'm gonna watch the kid closely and see how he does as a kicker.He was never meant to be a punter at the pro level.

Can he do any worse than Serna was doing? That's the only question i have and i think and hope the answer would be NO he cannot do worse. One thing we as fans can do is support the kid and give him a chance, if he makes the field goals from inside the 30 on a consistant basis and misses a 40+ yarder here and there, we should not jump on the kid.

I would much rather see a kicker with stats such as these (2/2 inside the 30 per game and 1/2 long ones = 3/4 per game)
Than what we were seeing from Serna (1/2 from inside the 30 and 1/2 long ones = 2/4 per game)

of course it would be nice to see a kicker make 100% of all field goals, fact is it just does not happen in the CFL, especially in a climate like WPG or Sask. As long as the kid is consistant, that's all you can ask for from your kicker. Kicking field goals looks easy in person and on T.V, fact is kicking a field goal is tougher than most people think and the kicking job is one of the hardest jobs to do in the CFL.