Just wondering where the people buy their black and yellow paint from? Hopefully someone could me out with this.

Last season the Tigertown store on Jarvis (and the kiosks at IWS) were selling containers that looked like a small deoderant stick of the black and yellow face paint for $10. I'm not sure if they still are or not.

Any costume rental place would have face paint.

LOL… the reason you saw so many people with face paint on on wed. was partially due to my budy Spike… he got really drunk in the firsth quarter put his flag on as a cape and ran around painting anyone wanting to get painted… he used up two of those deodarant stick thinges of paint (witch you can pick up from the tigertown store for 5 bucks).

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for your information the cats claws fan club do face painting at the balsam gate and under the north stands for a donation, with the money raised from the face painting and other activities they buy game tickets for under privileged ,handicap children

Where were you sitting that guy was right infront of me asking everyone to put it on...including a cop.

We were sitting in Sec 27 but I think he wandered all the way down to the end zones and back... He took my camera with him, when I downloaded the pics there was like a dozen pics of random people posing with him all covered in face paint... He actuallu made it on to the mainpage, thats him and a few other of my friends in the article about fans coming down for the game.