The Ticats will begin the second day of their Paint The Town Black And Gold community blitz bright and early at the McMaster University Student Centre when they greet students with Tim Hortons coffee at 8:00am.

Players that will be found on campus include Jason Maas, Brock Ralph, Mike Morreale, Renard Cox, Sandy Beveridge, Roger Dunbrack, Jerome Davis and Fabio Filice. They will be joined by members of the 2007 KingsGate Wealth Management Cheerleading team.

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The hospital visits are always great. It makes a big difference to the kids there.

Check out the photo galleries from today’s appearances:

Photo Gallery 1
Photo Gallery 2
Photo Gallery 3[/url]

Thanks for posting those pics. You've got some great shots there. It's a great thing to include the kids in this event.

Yes this is a Nice way kick up the start of the season.

To those concerned, thanks for the great photos and thanks too, for showing a very humanitarium side of the TiCat organization thats been present from day one.
You guys are the greatest!