The Cats two week ‘Paint the Town Black and Gold’ campaign kicks off today with Ticats players and mascots making appearances at three McDonald’s restaurants. Players will be distributing free Snack Wraps to fans between 11:30am and 1:30pm.

I hope the snack packs are trans-fat free or whatever or else people will be saying the Cats are promoting people to eat unhealthy. :wink:

The above is a joke only, I'm sick of all this trans fat free talk and that.

did anyone go to these mcdonalds to check the players out?

i woulda if i knew about it earlier.

by the time i read it online, it was almost over.

lookin at the schedule most have '???' as location and '???' for

hard to plan ahead for those.

that's what i was thinking last night when i saw the posting on the front page. i was wondering how the people that come on here at 7am and then go to work are going to know about these things. :?

I went to the McDonalds on King St. East. Renard Cox, Sandy Beveridge, and one of the cheerleaders were there. Got some autographs and some free McD's.

Great job by the Ticats getting players out into the public. Can't wait to hear what is next...

which players are going to be WHERE on wednesday?

they've posted tomorrow's details already:
although it doesnt say what plaers...

Tim Hortons Coffee For University Students
Date: April 17, 2007
Place: McMaster University Student Centre
Time: 8:00 - 9:30
Description: Ticats players, cheerleaders and mascots will be handing out free Tim Hortons coffee to university students during finals at the McMaster Student Centre

McMaster Children's Hospital Visit
Date: April 17, 2007
Place: McMaster Children's Hospital
Time: 10:30 - 12:00
Description: Tiger-Cats players, cheerleaders, coaches and mascots will visit McMaster Children's Hospital to sign autographs and interact with patients

As a student my self, i hope they get a turn out, becuase it is exam time for univeristies.

i wish they'd say which players are going to be there.

Careful with that sick shoulder, Jason. :wink: A day of reaching out, way out, to take money from people that don’t pull close enough to the drive-thru window is enough to put a whole year of rehab to waste.

Very True!

Are Any Events In Burlington???

So far the Events are All in Hamilton Brantford or Niagara Area. What About Burlington & Waterdown ???

The Boston Pizza are Great
Burlington has Two of them
But no Ticats Coming there.

We will have at least one event in Burlington next week.

Regarding the Boston Pizza visits it could just be logistical issues why there isn't one in Burlington but I would just be speculating.