Pacman to the Bombers....

omg, i just heard this. All I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHA, this league is friggin amazing!! Mark my words, all this jibber jabber about Pacman will never come to fruition. How's he going to get a work permit to be able to come to Canada? It'll never happen, IMO.......

Further. Why?

What a league. What a message. You just simply cannot screw up enough in the NFL for the CFL to not consider you.

Besides, if somehow he did get here, and he managed to play, odds are he breaks an arm on play number 1. (See Ricky Williams) And then prompty turns himself into the nearest Police station for running over Grandma on her rascal scooter with his Hummer, because he was running from a coke dealer he just ripped off. But when he gets to the station he will say, it was all a big misunderstanding, and Grandma was racing and caused the accident, for which he will get 30 days probabtion and a firm "chewing out" by Mike Kelly, and told "don't let it happen again".

Just paddle around English Bay in a rubber dingy and scream "REFUGEE" . It will take about 10-12 years for Immigration Canada to deport him, so he'll have a nice long career with the Bombers. :roll: :roll:

....confirmed by ob sports in the soon as he has a registered contract with the CFL he'll suit-up....could be as early as next game....I'll wait and see before making further comment and the guy gets a chance to show his stuff....CFL return game vs. nfl....big difference ...Can't deny the guy has talent...or had...we'll see... :roll: :wink:

Lock up your daughters and wear a bullet proof vest to night clubs. :lol: :lol:

Hey Papa, if he can help.......why not......

I think that if Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, BC, maybe even Calgary, or Edmonton were that interested then he'd be in anyone of those cities. Funny that's 6 out of the 8 teams in the league. Who knows? Maybe every team in the CFL did offer a contract, but just as a kind of lowball/not really expecting anything type deal. Besides Sask signing Armstead, who else needs help in the secondary or return game?

Mark Cohon has no Cohons...

I cannot believe that everyone here....first, as Canadians - second, as CFL fans ....are not totally angry with ANY CFL team that gives/offers employment to an individual who has been in trouble more times that anyone can remember. Not one team in the NFL were willing to hire him....but, the Backwoods Football League of Canada will find a place for all felons, rejects, and troublemakers. Shame on all of us !!

Don't lump me in there... I am disgusted that Mark Cohon would register a contract with a guy who's currently a suspect in a shooting. I suspect many people are and 5hose that aren't probably don't know how bad a cat this guy is.

Mike Kelly and his sidekick need to go. They are terrible for football in Canada and the CFL.

...I guess ..Trestman and his gang should go as well for keeping the likes of Dahrran Diedrick on their roster....or Miller in sask. for signing the likes of Armstead....get real hfxtc....your way over the top.... :lol: :lol: :lol: Should we go into Diedricks and Armsteads 'infractions of the law'......could be enlightening to a few.... :wink:

If he's allowed into the country and not under suspension by the NFL and has every legal right to play, good on the Blue and Gold to sign him if they think he makes them better to win the Grey Cup. Not tiddly winks here, pro sports and the right to be the champs of Canada, Grey Cup champs, you do what you can to do TO WIN. Anything else is unacceptable IMHO to the fans that buy the tickets for their team.


....don't see any comment there hfxtc....i guess the term sanctimonious could apply to you here....and your 'unbiased take on the Pacman :lol: :lol: Clean up your own backyard first.. :wink:

letting talent into the cfl doesnt make it bush league... i know many people with troubled pasts that are now very changed people and work hard at what they do... so your saying they shouldnt be given the opportunity to succeed.. come on now...

now matter how you look at it great signing for the bb... he will bring in fans weahetr he pans out or not... and for those saying hes lost a step hes not good ... bla...its just nonsense... hes 25... hasnt come close to reaching his potential yet and he was a 3 year starting db in the nfl... the only reason hes being bashed is his off field stuff and because he was such a high draft pick... if this guy was picked iun the fourth round or something everyone in the nfl would have considered him a "hidden gem" the guy has talent... only 3 years ago he was second in most returning categories to hester....that says enough right there... you think devin hester wouldnt tear it up on returns even today?

The only thing bush league about the CFL or any league is where you sign guys to contracts because they would make "nice community guys" type thing in the offseason rather than signing a guy you should have to help you win more. That's bush league. You get the best you can when you can, whatever you think makes your team better in the short term, long term or a combo of both. The publicity this could do for a CFL team might mean they get access to other players in the future because someone out of college in the US knows Winnipeg has a team in the CFL.

This is not good publicity for the CFL and keep in mind that if something goes seriously wrong, it could have serious repercussion for the future of the league and the ability of american players of getting visas and so forth.

Towelie: Yes people who have been "rehabilitated" and are not foreign nationals might earn a chance this does not apply to a guy who is currently a suspect in a gun crime and a foreign national. Kelly and Murphy are writting cheques they can't backup with the safety of Canadians.

Hf, it's about winning the Grey Cup for the Bombers, they do not have to uphold a view from someone like you or even the commissioner that what they are doing is "bad for the image of the league." F the image thing, people don't care too much about what exactly is the "right" image or the "wrong" image, you do abide by the rules and law, no question, after that, you try and win.

I'm a huge CFL fan...but longer, wider, faster and desperate? No! :cowboy:

So...any categorical reject from another country...if he has something to offer of value to a select group of people ...should be allowed into Canada and become a role model for the youth of the country. It's because of attitudes similar to those being exhibited by certain of you on this forum that we have Asian criminals, European gangsters, and other assorted riff-raff claiming status in our country. When will you wake up and realize that we can stand on our own...we don't have to take others garbage !!!

Not So fast people..

Jones is not a Bomber, at this point.

there has been no official signing at this point, and there's a big possibility he may never be a Bomber at all.

He definitely won't be playing at all this Sunday..

You guys jumped the gun really far at this point.

Then so did and numerous other outlets.