Pacman to the Bombers....

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"Nothing but a disaster off the field"......nice....

Not sure what to make of this. :expressionless:

Earl - I was just thinking the same thing....

I think he will play well - Defensive Back is one of the few positions that I think transitions well between the NFL and CFL.

Now if they can just keep him out the slammer, etc. Someone needs to explain to him that "taking to the house" does not mean "the Big House" or the crack house.

Another thing ..... I thought that the CFL had agreed that they would no long offer employment to suspended NFL players (think: Ricky Williams). Isn't Pacman Jones currently on the suspended list?

Best of Luck, Adam!


How does this

At the time he was being suspended by the NFL for the 2007 season, Tennessee Titans general manager Floyd Reese described Jones as “nothing but a disaster? off the field.
How does this Jive with this ? [/quote] Bringing back "Class" to the orgonisation... :wink:

"Desperate times call for desparate measures". Looking at the Bombers season, this pretty much sums it up.

Bringing back "Class" to the orgonisation... :wink:
Why do you care? He hasn't played a down yet. Lets wait and see, unless you can predict the future ? Do you ever talk about football ? Why not mention he could really help the Bombers kick return game ? or where he is going to play in the secondary ? Try it ! talk football for a change !

i hope he can find a suitable scrip club in winnipeg.

Sure, let's talk football. I don't think he will help the return game of the Bombers for the following reasons...

1- He has very average hands in traffic , there is no fair catch so he will cause turnovers (predicting the future)

2- He won't take the hits that come with being a returner in the CFL. If Pacman is returning kicks. I tell my guys take the 5 yards and lay him out. His goal is to make NFL bucks no way he'll want to put himself out.

3- As a DB hard to say. Some guys transition well some don't. A lot will depend on his level of fitness, he says in his press interview that he's not in game shape but has lost 10 pounds....

4- Rules... To be a good returner in the CFL, you need a real good understanding of our rules and most teams like for guys to watch and learn for at least half a season. IE: Larry Taylor, Dom Dorsey... so coming in around week 10 with the idea of using his option window...

We'll see if I can predict the future :wink:

Kind of like the GTA games…you start the game…ok need wheels , guns and then booze and strippers LOL!

He’s kind of like SnoopDog but with an attitude :slight_smile: Winnipeg will never be the same

Can you check your gun at the Wagonwheel ?

The Bombers have nothing to lose, it's only going to be 10 or 11 games. If he plays well, he will leave for the NFL and if blows up, he gets cut at no further expense to the Bombers. If in shape he is the 2nd best return man in the NFL , behind Hester. The biggest issue is avoiding injuries. When a guy is not in Football shape, your more likely to suffer muscle pulls and other things of that nature.

No,Adam Jones as he would like to be known now as now (cause he wants to put his Pacman life behind him now?),is not under any suspension at the moment,Dallas released him from what I have been reading.Dont think the BB outbid the UFL for his services,something about he could go back to the NFL after the CFL season,but had he gone to the UFL he would not be able to catch on with an NFL team for the current season.

I think the only reason the BB got him was to try and breath some life into the kick and punt return game,just like when they brought Stokes back last year.Im sure the local media and fans will be all over this thing now,hey we kept complaining about no return game,now we bring this guy in,now we are going to complain about his off field crap and Mike Kellys next coaching move,All this bitching by the fans this year,almost makes me want to join the Rider Nation Club -lol,lets all just enjoy this BB team (or whatever team u cheer for)and the CFL game.

In 2005 maybe.

I'm a Cowboys fan. He wasn't even the 2nd best return man in Dallas last year. He didn't return kickoffs at all, and by the mid-point of the season Henry (and occasionally Crayton) were returning punts.

I think the only reason the BB got him was to try and breathe some life into ticket sales. Which is fine. Just don't expect miracles from a guy who doesn't know the league and hasn't played a snap yet this year.

We'll have to see if this is a self-fulfilling prophecy, or not!!

Give him a channce. All you naysayers on other teams doth protest too loudly. Name another team in the CFL that wouldn't want him given the opportunity. Nothing ventured , nothing gained.

Looking at the Wpg Free press,looks like they are in pursuit of Jones and nothing official yet,I wonder how put this story together.they dont even know if he could enter Canada yet.

im pretty sure its all cleared up and the deal is official... as a bomber fan im optimistic but not sold... dont bash the bombers for this move any team would gladly give him a shot succeed or not..

i dont think he will come in here and be a god but he has the chance to be pretty good both as a returner and a db... itl all come down to how quickly and how well he can learn the systems here and the canadian game.. he has an above average skill set compared to many dbs in this league... will he suceed only time will tell... its a whole different ball game up here

...I'll take you up on that....Calgary...Hufnagel made it clear this morning he wasn't interested...