Pacman is in Town

Reliable Sources state that Adam "pacman" Jones arrived in Winnipeg VERY early this morning and will have a walk through at Canadinns Stadium today. Although in town it is highly unlikely he will see any action this weekend in Regina!


If indeed true that's pretty exciting!

No point in rushing him in and then he gets injured. Looks like the Banjo bowl will be his debut.

Who are your sources? Knuckles reported at 12:25 there was no sign of him...

He has almost assured failure by stating he will be the best Corner in the CFL. Says he is the best corner in football period :roll: Hey if he is with the Bombers I hope what he says is the case!!! But it may be a bad omen? Didn`t Printers state he was the best QB in pro football?

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MK says he believes in 2nd chances–as many chances as he can get to keep his job and make the playoffs!!! :lol:

The Bombers would have signed Mike Vick and given him a farm to raise dogs in a heartbeat.

We’ll see how this goes with Pacman :rockin:

...he sure is putting a 'big' target on his jersey....with comments like 'i'll be the best cornor/returner in the league....i think he better get up here and assess the talent first....cuz when he gets to return his first punt....i think there'll be a lot of head-hunting going on...He better be fast... :wink:....He still has to register his contract and get across the's not a done-deal yet..BUT some are predicting we'll get to see him in the Banjo Bowl... :roll: :roll: