Pacman deal dead.....

....can't get across the border....or the heat was on not to sign him.....whatever....Kelly says they won't be pursuing Adam Jones AT THIS what you want into that... :roll: :roll: Maybe it was cuz he really didn't know what league he was supposed to be headed....ufl orrrrrrr........Guess he doesn't get his chance at a come-back here... :roll:

Papa this is a good thing. This guy is the Bobby Brown of the NFL. He cleary stated in that video that he was in it for himself and didn't give two shiat about the Bombers or the CFL, might even play one or two games, he admitted he was not in game shape and IMO didn't look "all there"...

Kelly did the right thing at the midnight hour and threw his yellow flag...

They now have to look at the whole John Murphy situation who claimed no airlift was coming only two days later attempt to fly in a cessna full of felons. Who yapped his mouth to the media. This is the same guy who had scouts working for the team on a a barter system and that Bauer called inexperienced. Now you can add that he obviously didn't meet with Pacman Jones before recommending him.

I think a lot of good is going to come out of this for the Bombers. It is obvious they need a General Manager and they have to revisit Murphy's roles and responsabilities at the very least.

The Video killed his chances,it's sad when a guy doesn't realize he was about to get a second chance and maybe his last.

Its probably a Silver Lining, Do the Bombers really need the distraction?

Probably not.

Murphy made a mistake talking to SI. No one is arguing that. I'm not familiar with scouts working on the barter system for him though. As for Jones, there has never been anything bad said about him regarding his behaviour in the dressing room or with his teammates by his former coaches.

Also when it was said there would be no airlift coming in it was in reference to players being cut from NFL training camps and one player is not an airlift. Regarding Rogers, the most the Bombers ever acknowledged was he was on their neg list and they had their eye on him. Same thing could be said about every player on their neg list. The media were the ones who were saying Rogers was signed and coming, not the Bombers.

Let's get off this Jones and Rogers nonsense now.

Who's going to be returning kicks for the Bombers next game?

This is what Hfx is all about , takes a comment then spins in to fiction.

Billy White Shoes Johnson !

Michael Hyman has been moved to the 46 man roster from the PR. He has some return experience and is a receiver. I haven't heard whether he will be on the roster for the LDC though. He's a NI so I'm not sure whose spot he would go into if he played.

...nothing ventured...nothing gained....and Murphy lost....he'll have to come up with an adequate signing to save face... and learn to stay away from the media....:lol: I don't know who will be returning kicks Labour Day.....but i do know who won't....Pacman or Craphonso Thorpe....the latter just being recently released... :lol:

too bad about thorpe... i really liked him in his college days even early nfl with kc... never got a fair shot imo, also we signed that amey guy as a reciever/returner what 3 weeks ago? he hasnt been dressed yet or heck he hasnt even been mentioned since we signed him.... we bring guys in then cut them or trade them... its been a weird weird year in the personnel dept.

How can you say Thorpe never got a fair shot? They brought him in to return kicks and in his first game he's too "overwhelmed" to do it. They still played him at receiver for a couple games and then he was injured.

As for Amey, he's on the practice roster. From what I've read, fans who go to practice are saying he's looking quite good. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays soon.

Kelly has said that he wants to ease some of these guys into the line-up so the chemistry of the team doesn't change. In that regard, Michael Hyman (who was signed after Thorpe but before Amey) is now listed on the 46 man roster at the Bombers website. He was also brought in because he has return experience. Whether he'll play this weekend or not, I don't know.

I'm glad you didn't put a laughing smiley after the smashing babies line because that was pretty sick. Time to calm down... The deal is dead, the issue should suffer the same fate.

...i don't find your attempt at 'dark' humour very funny .... say Chief ...can you get rid of this crap....I'm sure the mother of that infant would'nt find this the least bit crap.. :thdn:

Gone, and I'll be sending the poster a pm.

,,,thanx Chief....that one was way over the line.. :thup:

Who crossed the line this time ?

Ironically, a Bomber fan.

Probably have a good idea. Not a real fan.

...lets just say this guy is a 'newer' poster...and had nothing really football worthy to say....It would be an emarassment to regurgitate the b.s he's gonzo.. :wink: