Packman vs Morales on TSN

for those not being bored by the superbore, the fight of the year is on tsn.

Yes I am watching it too.

Also, just started to watch the original and classic Jaws on A & E.

what a fight!

i find boxing even more boring than the NFL

u have problems...if u watched this fight, u would say differently.

I hardly think someone not liking boxing means they have problems.....

No its because I dont agree with him!
funny though, He enjoys watching 2 men beat themselves senseless and I have problems!!!

i was just playin serious on this forum.
u sound like a female

Let me check something:

ESPN, Monday Night Football (moved from ABC)
TSN, Friday Night Football

interesting, seems like the Americans have caught on eh?!?

still watch FNF over MNF though.