Packers release Jon Ryan

The Green Bay Packers release Regina's Jon Ryan.

Do the Bombers have rights to him if he makes a CFL return?

Nope, I'm sure he'll garner a little interest from some NFL teams as he was far from bad.

a bit late roger. i already posted this and reported it with a bit more fact. I got the inside stuff! nice cover up

Anyone who sided with the Packers in the Farve fiasco (I was one of them) Give your head a shake.... The Pack just cut a punter with a 48 yard average for a punter with a 45 yard average.
Obviously Packer Management is nuts.
The way the NFL tends to blackball players...I wouldn't be suprised to see Ryan back up north soon.

Haha, my buddy over at TundraTalk posted his findings this morning. I am just passing on the News. Lose the ego Frank_MP :slight_smile:

No kidding about the ego, Frank...Roger had the brains to actually post a link. I didn't delete your other threads, but I saw them, and I'd have deleted them too, based solely on your "Breaking News" craptacular history...

Getting the kid back to regina would be great, but he will definitely catch on with another nfl club.

Ryan is headed to Seattle. Good Luck. Would have been nice to see you in Green and White on this side of the border.