Packers or Steelers Super Bowl XLV poll

Choose your team to win Super Bowl XLV

The Pack!

The Packers match up perfectly against the Steelers. They'll spread it out with 4 good recievers and a great quarterback and throw it all over the field. It's the recipe for success against the Pittsburgh defense. Then there's the three pro bowlers the Packers have in the secondary and Clay Matthews coming after Big Ben.

Green Bay: 31
Pittsburgh: 17

Pack fans are worse then the Gang Green.

Pittsburgh over Green Bay 28-20

Neither are my favourite team but I can't stand Roethsberger so I'll go with the Pack, they had the guts to tell Favre no thanks, a great decision.

Black and Gold All The way

I must admit we finally agree on something! LOL!

Which ever team's score I have when the blocks are all sold in the pool and the scores revealed.

GO PACKERS! WOO! steelers are my second fav team as they remind me of my tabbies! but! Before my papa passed away we would always watch packers play! so iv grown up a packers fan!

:thup: :lol:

Actually, two of my favourite NFL teams (third and fourth, to be exact - in no apparent order). Love the way they both play. Must be that blue-collar tradition of the two cities. I think it's going to be a great game, and I really don't care who wins that much. But my gut tells me I'd have to put my money on the Steelers.


Just Win Baby :wink: ,


The Steelers are my second favourite team after the Cats. The Super Bowl for me was the defeat of the hated Ravens. The rest is all gravy. Ummm ... Gravy! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)



Good one.

OK now that it's almost gameday, time to bump this thread up and vote.

Go anyone but Rothlesberger. :thdn:

My vote went to the Steelers

I was close enough. :cowboy: