Packers @ Cards - What a game!

Anyone else watch this game? It was a beauty! It kind of reminded me of a college game with all the scoring. A total of 96 points were scored, well over 1,000 yards of offence. Brutal. :lol:

Kind of funny that it was the defence that won the game. :lol:

Could Arizona make another miracle run? I honestly didn't think they would...

Those CFL only guys dont know what they are missing. Great game with the right result :thup:

Has any QB ever won the SB as a starter for two different teams. Kurt came oh so close last yr.

Brett has a good chance this yr I think.

no qb has done it. Warner was the closest last year. it was a great game. just a note... and im a cards fan... and i cant stand the packers... but hoenstly, i feel sudden death in football is somewhat lame. it worked out well in this one. But i dont feel its good for a sport like football.

I enjoy high scoring football...but that games was far from exciting.
It reminded me of watching an Arena League game where you actually hope the other team scores quckly to give your team a chance to score before the clock hits 0:00
The CFL used to be like this back in the early nineties ,however it was much more exciting because of the fact there was only 3 downs there was still a few punts and turnovers thrown into the mix.
Watching one team run and short pass there way down the field for a touchdown and the fans knowing there is no way for the defense to stop them is not exciting football.
The garbage we have seen in the CFL the last few years with each team punting 10 times a,nd exspecially last year where 7 out of 8 teams had a 1000 yard rusher is not very exciting either...but it is more exciting then today's arenalike game.
Somewhere in between would be nice.
The packers actually scored 45 points in their final seven possesions...including a stretch of 6 consecutive touchdowns if that isn't boring ..then at the very least it was predictable.
I actually missed the OT because I assumed that the packers had won the game because they had won the coin toss... I took my dogs out for a pee...and came back just in time to see the replay of the Cards fumble recouvery.

I don't have a problem with it. I liked what one of the announcers said. If they were using college rules, the game never would've ended. :lol: I actually picked the Packers to win... at first it was looking a bit lame. The Cards were up 24-7, and I thought it'd be another blowout this weekend, but the Packers definitely made it exciting in the second half.

It was actually a pretty fun weekend overall. The Jets upset; the Ravens hammered the Patriots (love that!!!). Hopefully next weekend will be as exciting.

but it is more exciting then today's arenalike game.

Well, I wouldn't say garbage in the CFL because of many punts the last few years CFL, I'm one for loving to see field position change on punts and what can happen on punts, I love the punting game, it's called football afterall. But this game was an exciting game for sure but that being said, I agree a high scoring game for me works more with 3 down CFL rules because you have one less down and it's tough getting a first down with one less down albeit our field is wider and you have an extra receiver but still, I think it's tougher to get a first down per possession in the CFL compared with the NFL. But with 4 downs and a high scoring game, wow, it sort of points to me that if this happened a lot, they might have to go to 3 downs because the 4th down is making it too easy, and as you say, arena like. If this happened a lot in the NFL, then I guess I could also say they may as well just go to 3 downs, another way of putting it.

Pretty boy Brady gonzo, I like him but yup, nice to see no name Flacco and company with the Ravens advancing. The Jets are interesting I will say.

Earl I wouldn’t quite say that the NFL might have to go to 3 downs on account of this particular game . There’s still plenty of teams down there that couldn’t get a first down with four . Some of the real lame teams would need about 5 or 6 down football to run the lenght of the field still .Watched a Browns game recently where that came to mind .
This was a pretty entertaining game IMO , lots of offense , very little defense , certainly not the stereotype game so many NFL detractors try to paint .
CFL , your saying this game was boring due to the fact the defenses were so dominated ? I for one did not expect each team to keep coming back with another TD of their own , not in the NFL . You think it was to predictable , but still those offenses had to execute those plays . BTW those were not short-play drives , there was plenty of long stuff or it would have taken way more time per drive . I just tip my hat to great and ,for the NFL , daring offense .

I hate Brady and the Patriots, so I did a little dance when they were eliminated! :lol:

Next week Arizona travels to New Orleans. With the Saints struggling on defence, I think we could see another barn burner!

Yes pennw, it was daring offense, both teams realized running the ball a lot and eating up time with few points wasn't going to get them a win in all liklihood. And the onside kick by the Pack was part of that mentality. It was get as many points as you can and hope for the best type of thing. A very strange but entertaining NFL game.

The offenses did not air the ball out with 50 yard bombs is what I meant by short passing plays... Severl throws were for 20-30 yards and with the YAC yards the gains were close to 50 yards...
However it was not like the CFL back in it's heyday where balls traveled though the air for 50 yards and combined with the run you had 80-90 yard TD passes.
Despite all of the TDs yesterday... the longest TD pass was only 33 yards.

on the other hand, how man were 1 yd runs??

IMO, all tds were fairly exciting, specially the two one handers.

However it was not like the CFL back in it's heyday where balls traveled though the air for 50 yards and combined with the run you had 80-90 yard TD passes.

So CFL, do you mean that the CFL is defined as being it's heyday when there was huge scores being put up by long bombs? That makes no sense to me at all honestly. But maybe I'm misinterpreting what you're saying. Why isn't the CFL in it's heyday right now? Scores are lower but I personally think the game is just as exciting, just in a different way that's all. Not all games of course but "way back when" they weren't all exciting either.

no flutie
no dunigan
no fernandez
no stegall
no clemons
no windield
no less browne
no andre francis
no adrion smith

etc 8)

So? Sure Flutie was the most special but we have lots of stars right now I'd say as well. But in a more low key way. The CFL is in more of a defensive mode right now, that's ok.