Pack your bags night

The promotion schedule for Friday is "pack your bags night" . Hopefully not to a sign of events to unfold. :oops:

HA! Kinda ironic isn't it!!!!

Game 3: Friday July 14 - 7:30p.m.
WestJet Night - Pack Your Bags Friday Night

Fans will have the opportunity to win flights throughout the evening courtesy of WestJet

* Giveaway:
  The first 5,000 fans will receive a 2006 Tiger-Cats license plate holder courtesy of Nethercott Chevrolet
* Special Pre-Game Event:
  Salute to the Special Olympics with a parade of athletes
* Special Group Event:
  Special Olympics

Coincidentally Westjet has connections to all 7 other CFL cities. Better win boys!

Pack your bags with bottled water, peanuts, chips and beer to take to the stadium.

Im thinking that some of the players should be ready to pack their bags after fridays game

would be nice to take a game in Out West

I'd love to pack my bags, but I fear if I did I would never come back

Hopefully, our OL gets it together and opens up some big holes for Ranek, or some of them will be packing their bags after the game

Ranek and Corey Holmes hopefully!

That will be the difference and put us in the win column. :thup: