Pack Vs. 'Hawks

Is anyone else watching this game? It has to be one of the most exciting NFL playoff games I've seen in a while. :smiley:

We're looking at a possible Green Bay vs. Dallas, NFC Championship game. There'll be no shortage of old footage for that.

Provided Dallas makes it out alive.

I can't see Green Bay giving up their 15 point lead right now, especially since they're 5 for 5 in the red zone.

I can't beleive there was so much offense in the snow! Usually snow = Low scoring.....Not today!

No doubt. The Pack was unstoppable in the red zone. They set a franchise record for points in a postseason game. :lol:

Actually, snow doesn't affect the football as much as rain or wind or cold, but it does make the field slippery.
Advantage, offence.

I would have loved to be at Lambeau for that one!
Indoor stadiums are for woosies!!

I was suprised that with a team as historically successful as Green Bay that they hadnt scored 42 points in a playoff game