Pack this house!

The labour day game was huge, but this one is now even bigger if we want first place. We need to pack the stadium again on Saturday. Hopefully most of the non regulars who showed up on Monday had a great time and will come back Saturday. We need to get loud and make some noise if we wanna beat the Als.

I suggest bring a friend, preferably someone who has not been to a ticat game in a while...or never. I already bought 1 extra ticket for just such a person.

I have a bit of a dilemma.

Do I goto the Cats game... or do I go with my girl friend to see a new addition to the family (her sisters new baby).
She is in labour as we speak, so I think it will be born by game time...

I'm torn.

Get her to bring the baby.
It will be perfect, just sit behind the als bench and let the baby make as much noise as she can :stuck_out_tongue:

I will run it by the family... although im really not feeling to confident about this suggestion. I'll cross my fingers.

I hope at least 25k can make it out on Saturday though...

Watching the labour day game on TV it seemed like the crowd wasn't all that loud when Toronto had the ball.

The fans were even shouting "ARGOS S*#K" when Hamilton had the ball. Seems a large crowd doesn't help.

You are right. The playoff game last year was 10x more intense and had 3k fewer people....

This is a very important, if not crucial decision, brad.

This could affect the rest of your life.

If your girlfriend were having the baby, then it would be a toss up. But, her sister?

Go to the game, or you might never be allowed to go to another.
Do you like ballet? Oprah? Talking about your feelings?
This might be how you spend your time in the future if you don't set the tone right now.

Be brave young man. :cowboy:

lol. Well said! There are almost 7 billion people in the world but only 4 or 5 home games left. If I were to be very negative, there could possibly be only 12 or 13 regular season home games remaining. Unless your sister-in-law has it in writing that she is delivering the next Bob Young, you should go to the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the guidance; I'll be at the game. I told them that if anything precious and adorable happens, they can send me a photo on my phone. But, really at 1 day old what can a baby really do that can't wait until after the game...

I know you guys wouldn't steer me wrong...

Glad your coming.
we need everyone we can there on Saturday making some noise.

Although to be quite honest, our usual 20k crowd dwarfed the noise of the 30k LDC crowd for most of the game.Looking forward to a MUCH louder game this week :thup:

I have to admit I was REALLY disappointed with the LD crowd in terms of noise when our D was out there...I was virtually the only one screaming in my section. Don't get me wrong, as far as I'm concerned, each fan has the right to enjoy the game as they see fit (Within reason of course)...But one only has to watch a game at Mosaic to realize the HUGE advantage the Riders get from their rabid fans...I would like the Cats to have the same advantage at IWS, that's all!

That’s true, our home wins against B.C. and Edmonton last season are good examples of that. But it still feels like a better atmosphere with the place sold out.

What a GREAT THREAD :thup: The things you learn about life! :wink: :lol:

Guys-- actual drama and a requirement for the crowd to rise to the occasion has a lot to do with it. Of course that crowd against Winnipeg would be louder than Monday's crowd. We didn't really have a goal-line stance or crucial part of the game that had some desperation to it.

That said, from where I was sitting, it certainly had it's loud moments. To the point that, after the game, one of the guys I was with was commenting about his ears ringing a bit. Now, we did have some drama with Argo fans in our section -- which had everyone up in arms a bit.

Anyway, I thought the atmosphere was pretty good. Looking for something even better this week.

Good point slo,

The Cats never trailed in the Labour Day game hence fans were less inclined to ruin their vocal chords to hold back an Argo offence that couldn't find the endzone anyways.

I try to make as much noise as possible when the defence is on the field but I'll admit Labour Day that I used my voice considerably less.

I totally agree !! The crowd was not loud at all, Jason Farr has to spoon feed the fans more when the Cats are on Defence.
Like they do in Montreal ! MAKE SOME NOOOOISE !!!!!!

Good Points... besides, you only have to watch the "D"...when they are raising their hands and asking for it...GIVE IT TO THEM...they feed off that!

They might want to truck in some extra seats for this one. This game will have a playoff feel and tickets will be a tough go. I'd be very surprised if it wasn't another sell-out at minimum.