Pack the Airport

So im making the trip to the airport to greet the Western Champs, I heard the plane gets in at 1:30 a.m. can anyone confirm this time?

Yup, that's what I heard as well... My sister told me Albert Street was also crammed with cars honking :smiley:

Pack the Regina airport? I can do that and still have an extra seatbelt in my truck.

LOL!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Im trying to convince my grandpa that we should go :lol:

Maybe your Grandpa should take Viagra…doesn’t that make you stay up??? :wink:

Yeah lol :lol:

But he is soo tired, I think he would have to take like 5,6, maybe even 7 lol

If it was a little earlier I'd go but im already going to be a useless pile of garbage in class tomorrow.

Well at least Grandma will be happy :smiley:

I was just there coming in off a flight from Van. and the est. time is in fact shortly after 1 AM.


sweet! less than an hour!

So I ended up going... It was amazing!

Tell us a little more than that, please....

Yeah... So there were a lot of people there! I would say damn close to 2,000. Soooooo crazy. Before the plane landed it was really loud. When we saw the plane hit the ground, it got really, really loud. Then when the players started to get inside, it got really, really, really loud.

It looked like a lot of the players were suprised to see that many people there. They were obviously all happy.

Everybody chanted "MVP" a gabazillion times...

Ohhh! And Carm Carteri was on the plane as well. Of course people said things about he and Wally's exchange... Like telling him it was good what he did and stuff. But he looked like he couldnt get out of there fast enough...

Lots of people had their cameras and cell phones out getting pics/vids of the people and Riders.

A lot of the players did the same thing. Richie Hall did too... Kitwana Jones looked real excited lol

Thanks for the link, Dust.

That's a great showing by Rider Fans. Seeing that almost, maybe, possibly makes me contemplate cheering for the Riders this week ----but just for this week! :smiley:

that was awesome

I'm buying you a Thesaurus for Christmas. :lol:

Glad you had fun, though.

Haha, thanks. I didnt get to bed until like 3, then I couldnt get to sleep lol

I can understand completely. I decided it was best not to go since I wanted to not be lazy pile of garbage today and I still couldn't fall asleep til after 3 am.