Pack-Boys game tonight many won't see belive it or not

A big feud going on in the States for games on the NFL Network which not all cable companies have on their basic packages. And tonight's game, believe it or not, is one of these a lot of people will miss. Hard to believe actually. I get it with our cable package in Hamilton as with the basic digital box you get this channel. But there is a lot of fuming going on in the States about this. Here is one example:

"It would be hard to find a more successful enterprise than the National Football League. It commands hefty ticket prices, massive television contracts and a brand affinity that borders on adulation. The NFL is also used to having its way — particularly with local governments willing to subsidize stadiums and with networks desperate to air its games.

But the league may finally have met its match in major cable TV companies, which are refusing to accept its terms for carrying the fledgling NFL Network. The price for fans is that eight games, most notably tonight's marquee matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers (both 10-1), won't be seen in most homes." ...

Its on my package too. But why would a big game like that be restricted to subcribed TV only? Oh well!

Lots of politics going on here. Also, NFL can’t match up ratings wise to prime time TV shows, usually anyways. One reason why MNF is now on ESPN. Here’s some info:

“The NFL is arguing the NFL Network ought to be offered as a basic channel, but the major providers – including Comcast and Time Warner, which comprise 62% of the market combined – argue that would result in a rate increase to subscribers.”

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"As usual, it all comes to dollars. Big dollars.

The NFL, proprietors of the NFL Network, stand to make in excess of $300 million in subscription fees alone, if Comcast and Time Warner, with a combined 38 million viewers, add it to their basic packages.

The cable companies that do are charged by the NFL a whopping 70 cents per subscriber per month. That’s more than what’s ponied up for CNN, CNBC or the Discovery Channel.

Thus far, Comcast and Times Warner have balked, reflecting a bang-for-the-buck mentality.

Clearly, they feel the NFL Network, with its eight Thursday night games, but with a barrage of replayed contests and endless talking heads, isn’t worth socking the customer an extra buck or two on his bill.

If an NFL fan wants it, they believe, he can pay for it. And will."

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I love living in Regina with the digital cable. You get it for free (NFL Network I mean)! Im gonna watch most of the game, but I gotta go to a thingy later on so Im gonna miss the end, I think... :frowning:

I got it on TSN here in Edmonton!

That was actually an exciting game for once out of the NFL, not some uber-team running up the score on the other chumps, or a low-scoring snoozefest.

Besides, the Packers are the closest thing to the Esks team colour-wise, so how could I not root for them? Go Favre!